Best EV Charging Solutions for Low Budgets

Why should your business install EV chargers in garages and parking lots? Good reasons abound, but perhaps the most important reason is that it’s beneficial for your business. Cost a factor? Even small businesses or those hit by the pandemic can afford EVSE with low upfront cost solutions that don’t require purchasing the equipment before you can get started.

Why Invest in EVSE Now?

Businesses have an opportunity to do their part to encourage sustainability and meet government guidelines by installing charging stations. Make it easier for employees, visitors, and customers to own electric vehicles by installing charging stations for their use. It will earn you LEED points, get attention on social media, increase business, and even make it possible to earn money from charging for electricity use.

Corporations and employers are always looking for a benefits package that will attract great employees. Providing electric vehicle charging stations at the workplace as benefits and amenities will attract and retain top talent who are environmentally conscious and comfortable with cutting-edge technology.

According to the Sierra Club, more and more small businesses, such as shops, bars, and restaurants, are adopting EV stations or looking into scaling up. A Pennsylvania B&B owner, Alex Duxbury, reports his customers told him they chose his B&B over a chain hotel thanks to the charger he provides, while a Portsmouth, New Hampshire, brewery was able to install EVSE due to a $3,000 rebate from his state; many customers will enjoy state or local discounts in addition to our low upfront cost solutions.

According to, access to electric vehicle charging stations at workplaces has doubled, and 90% of employers reported their stations were in regular use 5 days a week. Ready to charge into the future?

Blink Charging: Best EV Charging Solutions for Low Budgets


Interested in Charging Stations, But Need a Low Budget Solution?

The combination of local incentive programs and Blink’s flexible business models gives any facility the opportunity to install chargers for little to no cost. Blink has four basic business models, each designed for a different client, with different needs. The Host-Owned Business Model allows hosts to purchase their EVSE equipment outright, while the Hybrid-Owner Model offers a partnership between us and the host, which provides the host with a revenue share.

Our best low budget solutions are the Blink as a Service monthly subscription model and the Hybrid Owned business model.

The Blink as a Service Monthly Subscription Model is perfect for those who want low upfront costs, yet all the control of ownership. Blink’s subscription program provides your location with EV charging stations at a low monthly cost and all charging revenues. Blink pays for the equipment and the installation at the make-ready site, while the host pays low monthly fees to Blink. The host sets its own charging fees and keeps 100% of the charging revenue for themselves. The host maintains the cost of electricity on its existing service. This is the ideal solution for workplace charging because the host can provide the EV charging to employees at a reduced cost, or even free, while also having the amenity available to visitors and guests. All equipment is monitored and maintained by Blink.

The Hybrid Owned business model is excellent for those who believe electric vehicles are the future and are willing to make infrastructure upgrades to their location but not pay high upfront equipment costs. In this model, the host location is solely responsible to ensure the site is make-ready for the EV charging equipment. Blink provides the equipment at no cost in exchange for a revenue share with the host. Blink is also responsible for daily operations and ongoing maintenance. Many businesses enjoy the Hybrid Owned business model because if its low upfront costs and hassle-free operation. Once the equipment is installed the host simply receives their electricity reimbursement and revenue share from Blink each month.

Being unable to afford EVSE equipment is no longer a barrier to offering your customers the most cutting-edge, innovative EV chargers on the market today. Contact Blink to find the low budget solution right for you and your business.

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