Blink Introduces Biggest Launch of Charging Solutions at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas, Jan. 5-8. Blink kicked off the 2022 show with the introduction of 7 new products. The largest product launch in its 13-year history. Following with a high-tech showcase and interactive products. Blink garnered plenty of attention and praise for its new cutting-edge product line. 

Blink Charging showed their commitment to make owning and operating EVs easier. And received the most media coverage out of all EV charging providers. While the strategy enables mass EV adoption at the residential, commercial, and fleet levels. Whether you’re a driver who needs a home charger or a business in need of chargers for a new electric fleet. Their expanded family of products offers charging solutions for all.  

Blink’s presence was felt at CES. Making an impact with a large display. And completed with wide screens, products, and hands-on interactive chargers. Additionally, appearing in articles and blogs, published by TechCrunch, South Florida Business Journal, and Car And Driver. Also, Blink held a press conference discussing the releases with the media. 

Smart Home Charging 

Blink introduced 7 new products—a Blink record—including new chargers and new software. Among the most exciting releases is the HQ 200. A 50-amp (12kW) smart home charger with remarkable power. Ready to charge EVs at home faster and capable of being installed indoors or outdoors. Also, with a wifi-enabled model. And a plug-and-go model, for different home charging preferences. Uniquely, the load management functionality allows for multiple home chargers to share energy in one home. The charger is even compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. 

The new HQ 200 will pair with the new Blink Mobile app, another launch during CES. The updated Blink Mobile app will include advanced capabilities. Including, management of home charging and scheduling charges during off-peak times to save on electricity. As well as, access public charging more easily right from a mobile device. 

Blink Commercial Charging Solutions 

The IQ 200 was released in 2019. And has become popular for its 19.2 kW output and flexible configurations. The new Vision IQ 200 was introduced during CES 2022 as the ideal point-of-charge advertising solution. It features two LCD screens for static and dynamic advertising as customers fuel up with the fastest L2 charging. Electrek reports, “With ads on either one or two 30″ LCD screens. Offering revenue shares for both charging and advertising. The Vision IQ 200 is equipped with one or two 80-amp Level 2 chargers delivering up to 19.2 kW charge speeds. Plus 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity.” This two-in-one charging solution was designed to attract and captivate drivers. 

Blink also introduced the DC Fast Wall 50kW charger. Designed as the perfect balance between power and flexibility in a compact charging solution. With up to 150 amps of output to charge a vehicle up to 80% in about 30 minutes. And allowing for charging of two EVs simultaneously. DC Fast Chargers are perfect for convenience stores, rest stops, and quick-service restaurants alongside roads and by freeway exits. With a slim design and only 200 pounds, it weighs half what most DCFC wall chargers weigh.  

Blink Fleet and Multi-Unit Charging Solution 

The MQ 200 is Blink’s solution for large-scale charger deployments. Notably, it offers a focus on intelligent scalability allowing variable output of 12-50 amps. As well as 4G and Wi-Fi connections, Smart Grid technology for direct communication to local utilities. And Plug & Charge functionality. So, this unit is meant to offer a fast, comprehensive, and effortless user experience. 

Furthermore, the new fleet management software, the Blink Fleet Portal, connects to the MQ 200 and other charging solutions. And, it’s designed as an end-to-end solution to help manage electric fleets. For vehicle and driver management, the product integrates with vehicle telematics. Hence, resulting in valuable real-time information. Such as tracking, alerts, daily route management, charging status, history, vehicle diagnostics, and service schedules, for instance. In addition, the Blink Fleet Portal also features a mobile app for drivers. And it includes charging status, routes, updates, automatic data sync, and communication.  

Blink is the most flexible EVSE manufacturer in the business. With a variety of configurations and business models to choose from. Whether looking to purchase a charger, only pay a monthly subscription. Or enter a multi-year agreement to own and operate with Blink. The versatile and flexible models offer different ways to share costs and revenue. In addition, models are also catered to a location’s long-term goals.  

So, Blink is steering the future of charging solutions by combining brand new cutting-edge hardware. And software, with classic customer service, to help your business reach new heights. While enabling visitors and employees to own EVs and improve the world around them. 

Further information about all of Blink’s new solutions can be found on the Blink product page, to see more videos of Blink’s booth at CES click here! 

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