Blink’s Innovation Steers a Course for Future EV Sales

Blink is a leading owner/operator of electric vehicle charging stations, with chargers deployed around the world. Blink designs, manufactures, and deploys charging stations. In just the first quarter, Blink had a 125% year-by-year increase, and a total 654% increase in revenue. Together with its clients, Blink is building a greener future. 

The last few months have seen a boom in EV sales, bringing that future closer than ever. Sales of electric vehicles have surged recently, while sales of gas-fueled cars have dropped, in some cases, dramatically. According to Forbes, car sales fell 89% in the U.K. in May, a catastrophic hit for any industry, however sales of EVs continued to climb by 21.5%. In the U.S., 27 out of 30 car manufacturers have lost money in 2020, but EV sales continue to surge.

The reasons why include state governments taking EV infrastructure a lot more seriously, expanded state rebates, and contactless delivery.

Massachusetts expanded rebates for corporations and nonprofits purchasing EVs up to $50,000, while Florida has passed a bipartisan bill to make building EVSE infrastructure part of a recovery plan.


Blink EV Chargers Installed Worldwide

Without dealerships, Tesla has had years to perfect direct sales, making it easy for customers to get information and purchase vehicles online and over the phone, eliminating the need for customers to physically go to a dealership at a time when they either cannot or will not do so, due to pandemic quarantines and safety standards. Tesla currently sells one of the most popular cars in the world—the Model 3, a model that is undoubtedly responsible for some of the new EV boom. It can be delivered to a customer’s door with no test drive.

Regardless of consumers’ reasons for purchasing EVs, more cars on the roads means more charging stations are needed. Industry experts estimate by 2030 there will be a need for 13 million charging stations

Blink already has installed 23,000 chargers worldwide and continues installing more every day. In fact, Blink has deployed 582 units in the first quarter of 2020, including the 1,000th second generation charger!

Blink’s exclusive network is growing, with over 180,000 members across the globe. The Blink Network enables businesses to determine operating hours for their charger, set controls on who can use it, control the charger remotely, and charge for electricity used. 

Blink’s R&D team continues to, providing customers with the newest, most powerful and innovative products.

The IQ 200

The newest addition to the Blink family of products—the IQ 200 –has future-proofed the EVSE industry for years to come because of its revolutionary 80-amp charging capacity, allowing drivers to go further and charge faster than ever before, and enabling businesses to save thousands on EV chargers.

Blink created an 80-amp charger to be installed in a 100-amp circuit, making upgrades a thing of the past. The physical equipment is already capable of offering far more amps than new EVs need. In fact, the Tesla Model 3 can charge in under 3 hours. Changes and advances in EVSE are easily downloadable to the IQ 200, and won’t require new equipment!

Mobile Charging Stations

The mobile charging station is designed for emergency roadside service providers including clubs, auto makers, tow and insurance companies.

The greatest barrier between many consumers and an EV is range anxiety, or fear of running out of charge before reaching a charging station. Some fear running out of charge if they got stuck in traffic due to accidents or stalled cars, and sat for hours, especially if they needed the heat or air. They worry about the car losing charge for no apparent reason, or being unable to find a charging station. All these fears can be put to rest by Blink’s mobile charging station.

Now businesses like AAA can provide emergency roadside assistance to EV drivers. It provides plenty of charge to make it to the nearest station or to make it home. 

Local Load Management

Blink has devised an installation pattern to keep EVs charging and simultaneously protect the electrical grid. This installation configuration allows up to 20 charging stations to be deployed on a single circuit. This can result in significantly lower installation costs, while also providing a fast charging experience for drivers.

The innovative design allows equal output to each charger based on the number of stations being used at one time. When one EV is charging, the EV will receive the maximum output of nearly 20 kWh. When others connect, the load will be equally shared among them. The system automatically redistributes the output when one vehicle completes its charge, even if it’s still plugged into the station. This new functionality allows the EV charger load to be best matched with the power available at the facility, thereby minimizing installation costs and eliminating electric service upgrades.

Blink is ready to lead the charge toward a greener future, which is coming faster than ever. Are you ready? Charge On.

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