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Electric School Buses: Are the Advantages Real?

Electric school buses have become a hot commodity for school districts and parents. Some states have promised to invest in school bus electrification within the next five years, while others have not yet shown interest. EV buses cost much less to maintain and fuel. Replacing multiple buses can represent significant long-term savings for school districts.

Electric Vehicles Could be your Solution to the Current Gas Prices

The simple act of driving with an ICE (internal combustion engine) is getting more expensive. Gas prices are at nearly their highest point in history, and some owners of larger vehicles are ready to trade them in for vehicles with better gas mileage. Plenty of drivers, however, are looking at a more permanent option –

The Truth about the Future of EVs

Are EVs as popular as people think? Will their market share continue to grow? Are EVs here to stay? The truth is that EVs are popular and getting more so. A poll conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Volvo Car USA released the results that 74% of consumers believe EVs are the future.

What the Nissan Leaf Has Taught Us About Natural Disaster Recovery

Many worry about finding a way to get power to an electric vehicle during a natural disaster, but what is not discussed is how electric vehicles can provide power during an emergency. As EV innovations continue they allow homes and businesses to utilize their power to keep services, like heat, working during a natural disaster. 

Green Incentives: Why Do So Many Employees Want Sustainable Amenities?

The American market is facing some dramatic labor shortages. This situation presents a threat to many companies, but could be an opportunity for sustainable amenities. Especially, as several businesses have already been pushed to scale back on operations. For example, giants like Starbucks and McDonald’s are facing challenges. Like, product unavailability, limited shop hours, and a

Why Is the Industry Investing So Heavily in Electric Pick-Up Trucks?

Both consumers and businesses are embracing the electric truck as the ideal vehicle for work and local deliveries. And the automobile industry is investing in these vehicles like never-before.  The Most Popular EV in America  Trucks and SUVs are America’s favorite cars. Hence, the new Fords, GMs, and Rivians are being reserved years in advance.