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How to Choose the Right Installer for Your Dealership’s EV Chargers

When installing electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment at your automotive dealership, there is a lot to consider. And, considering that the EV market in the United States is projected to be worth just under $140 billion by 2027, now is the right time to install charging equipment. First, your location will need to undergo a

How To Choose the Right EV Charging Equipment for Your Dealership

In January 2023, 7.1% of all light-duty vehicles registered were all-electric, “a 74 percent increase year-over-year and a noticeable change, compared to a 4.3 percent share in January 2022” according to InsideEVs. Chances are that your customers are already asking about test driving and buying EVs from your dealership. While electric vehicle charging equipment is

Meet the Redesigned Blink Portable EV Charger

You asked, we delivered. We’re excited to relaunch the newly redesigned Blink Portable Charger! First debuted in 2020 and included in pilot programs with roadside assistance companies, our new version is lighter and more flexible than ever before! Here’s what you need to know about the new mobile charger for emergency roadside assistance, insurance companies,

Four Steps to Preparing Your Auto Dealership for Electric Vehicles

As the world continues to push forward with its transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs), automotive dealerships have a great opportunity to position themselves at the forefront of this changing landscape.  Currently, there is a gap between interest in EVs versus knowledge of EVs. A 2020 Consumer Reports survey found

Is Your Dealership Ready for EV Buyers?

The world is changing and we all have to change with it. In the automotive industry, the most obvious shift happening right now is from gasoline- and diesel-powered engines to fully electric motors.  Car buyers, car manufacturers, and governments at all levels are getting on board, and that means car dealerships need to get on

Why Dealerships Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Selling EVs

Some vehicle dealerships in the United States are hesitant to carry or sell electric vehicles (EVs), but they shouldn’t be. The future will arrive whether people are ready for it or not, and it’s always better to be prepared. Steady adoption The adoption of EVs in the USA continues to be on a steady incline.