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Blink Introduces Biggest Launch of Charging Solutions at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas, Jan. 5-8. Blink kicked off the 2022 show with the introduction of 7 new products. The largest product launch in its 13-year history. Following with a high-tech showcase and interactive products. Blink garnered plenty of attention and praise for its new cutting-edge product line.  Blink

Why Should an Electric Sedan be Your Next Car?

 While some electric vehicles have a higher upfront price than gas-powered vehicles, total ownership cost for electric vehicles prove to be lower in the long run, especially for those who plan to keep their car for a while.  Cision reports that according to Kelly Blue Book, electric vehicles average around $10,000 more than similar gas-powered

New Year, New EV Tax Credits, New Choices in EVs

2022 has promised to bring more EVs to more consumers than ever before. Afraid EV tax credits have been phased out? Unable to find the range you want at the price you want?  The new year brings new opportunities for all EV drivers. With 100 models to choose from, up from 62 last year, and

Which Auto Manufacturers Are Joining the EV World This Year?

This year, many auto manufacturers are introducing new EVs to their line-up, but what’s even more exciting is that some manufacturers are getting into the EV game for the first time, while others have vowed to produce only EVs by 2030. Luxury Brands Joining the EV World At the top of the list is Cadillac

What Does 2022 Have in Store for EVs and EV Charging Infrastructure?

Deloitte research found 2022 may be the year the price of EVs matches the price of gas-powered vehicles, and EV charging demand will rise even faster. Over 5 million new EVs are expected in California alone in the next decade, requiring more electric vehicle charging stations and infrastructure. According to, “While charging technology has

How V2G Technology Can Change the Future of Energy

V2G technology can change the future of energy and mitigate climate change by allowing EV batteries to push energy back to the grid. What is V2G? V2G or “vehicle to grid” technology allows power to be pushed back from an electric vehicle battery into the electrical grid. The electric car can be charged or discharged