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What Does 2022 Have in Store for EVs and EV Charging Infrastructure?

Deloitte research found 2022 may be the year the price of EVs matches the price of gas-powered vehicles, and EV charging demand will rise even faster. Over 5 million new EVs are expected in California alone in the next decade, requiring more electric vehicle charging stations and infrastructure. According to, “While charging technology has

How V2G Technology Can Change the Future of Energy

V2G technology can change the future of energy and mitigate climate change by allowing EV batteries to push energy back to the grid. What is V2G? V2G or “vehicle to grid” technology allows power to be pushed back from an electric vehicle battery into the electrical grid. The electric car can be charged or discharged

How Do I Electrify My Fleet?

EV fleets are better for the environment, a great marketing message, and saves you thousands in maintenance and fuel. What if all fleets were replaced with EVs? It’s an environmentally sound change that’s occurring right now, and fleet owners are making considerable investments to an electric future. Reduced Spending on Fuel While the initial up-front

Want to Bring EV Charging to Your Workplace? It May Not Be as Hard as You Think

Want EV chargers at work? Help the leadership or office management at your workplace understand EVs are here to stay, and EV chargers will help keep them ahead of the game in front of clients, employees, new top talent, and the community. Corporations and employers are providing electric vehicle charging stations at the workplace for

Multi-Family Homes and EV Charging

EV charging stations are not only convenient for the residents of multi-family buildings, they attract a growing population of EV drivers, add to amenities offered by communities, can earn a building LEED points, and increase property values. According to EV Safe Charge, they also send a message to the community about going green and taking

Why Are EVs Perfect for the Healthcare Industry?

When you think of electric vehicles, you may not immediately think of the healthcare industry; however, studies show air quality and personal health are closely tied together. Poor air quality standards create an environement for illness. Installing electric vehicle charging stations at hospitals, doctor’s offices, and medical centers it promotes more options for an ever-growing