Blink Charging Awarded Grant Funds to Deploy DC Fast Chargers by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection under the Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program

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The Blink award, totaling $800,000, were awarded under the Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (MassEVIP). Which provides grants for installing DC fast-charging stations at strategic locations around the state. The grants are part of a significant effort by Massachusetts. Meant to create a reliable EV infrastructure that supports the Commonwealth’s energy future and emissions reduction goals.

Blink will install eight dual-port DC fast chargers in strategic locations. All to further develop the state’s charging corridors and convert more drivers to EVs. The chargers will fill existing gaps in EV charging access. Along major highways and be hosted by familiar consumer brands along Route 90, Route 95, and Route 20.

Blink Charging Receives Grant for EV DC Fast Charger Deployment

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The northeast is a rapidly growing EV market. It is one in which Blink Charging has been successful in being selected for multiple grant and rebate awards. According to Brendan Jones, president of Blink Charging. “Continuing to develop high-density areas and high-traffic corridors will further accelerate consumer adoption of EVs. These new DC fast charging locations will provide Massachusetts residents and travelers with the confidence. Specifically, in the state’s charging infrastructure needed to help drive the electric mobility transformation.”


President of Blink Charging, Brendan Jones: “These new DC fast charging locations will provide Massachusetts residents & travelers with the confidence in the state’s charging infrastructure needed to drive the electric mobility… Click To Tweet

CES 2022: The Highlights for Fleets

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In the huge intersection between the automotive and technology worlds. The CES event is also, now a major platform for the latest vehicle innovations.

Blink Charging, for example, launched seven new electric vehicle charging products at CES. Spanning home, fleet, multifamily and retail charging.

The new products include the MQ 200, HQ 200 (Smart and Basic models), Vision IQ 200, and 50kW DC Fast Charger.

Some charging products also feature a new vehicle-to-grid technology. Capable of dynamically balancing energy demand with supply.

Improving the Way Electric Vehicles are Charging

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Check out Blink Charging’s new offerings, which were presented at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Blink Charging provides a range of electric-vehicle (EV) charging solutions. At this time, I talked with Harjinder Bhade, Chief Technology Officer at Blink. In particular, about the company’s latest offerings in the consumer and commercial space. Especially, those highlighted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Blink also released seven new products, including a smartphone app to improve the user’s experience with their systems.

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Parts and Service Providers, Like Bridgestone, Prep for Electric Vehicles

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Switching to hybrids and electric vehicles means changes for every aspect of the automotive economy. Like auto service and parts, and how we get our vehicles serviced.

Nashville-based Bridgestone Americas owns around 2,200 tire and vehicle service centers in the U.S. market. Under the brand names of Firestone Complete Auto Care, Wheel Works, Tires Plus, and Hibdon Tires Plus.

Moreover, the company recently announced a partnership with Blink Charging. Because of this, they will install a total of 50 Level 2 plug-in electric vehicle charging stations. At 25 Firestone Complete Auto Care and Wheel Works stores. Including Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Austin, Texas, starting early this year.