Blink Charging Teams Up with Bridgestone to Supply IQ 200 Level 2 EV Chargers at 25 Locations Across the US

Blink Charging Co. is an international EV charging network operating over 30,000 ports. And across 13 different countries. Aside from charging hardware and services, Blink’s Network uses cloud-based software. Which in turn operates and tracks connected charging stations, and gets all the data that it provides.

The IQ 200 has immediately become a popular EV charger for Blink. Given the recently announced plans to deploy thousands of them to the front and back of the house at GM dealerships, across Canada and the United States. Additionally, Blink looks to further expand its IQ 200 EV chargers network at Bridgestone retail locations, too.

Moreover, as part of the partnership, Blink will implement its IQ 200 EV chargers at 25 Bridgestone service centers. While the company works to address the increasing needs of drivers for electronic vehicles, according to Tire Business.

The initial EV charger rollout will cater to 25 locations of Firestone and Wheel Works. As they will each receive a dual-port, Blink IQ 200 Level 2 charging station.


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