Georgia Tries to Become Manufacturing Leader in an Industry That’s no Sure Thing

Georgia officials want the state to be a leader in manufacturing electric vehicles, which could very well be the next big thing.

Rivian will start building a $5 billion factory next summer in Atlanta’s eastern exurbs to manufacture electric trucks and SUVs.

SK Battery America is nearing completion of a $2.6 billion EV battery plant northeast of the city. And many EV suppliers are expected to follow close behind.

However, Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz and other automakers with big EV plans may run into production problems that may delay product launches or force recalls.

But unlike gas stations, many parts of Georgia are EV charging deserts. No charging stations are located along four-lane U.S. Highway 441 from McRae to the Florida state line, a 116-mile drive.

More charging stations are coming, said Rich Simmons, a research engineer at Georgia Tech’s Strategic Energy Institute. Moreover, the recently approved federal infrastructure bill has earmarked $135 million to Georgia for installations.


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