Miami is Home to One of the Top Companies Powering the EV Revolution

Miami Beach-based Blink Charging has been paving the way for electric vehicles. They have done so for the better part of a decade now. The publicly-traded company designs, manufactures, and owns/operates EV charging stations.

Blink Charging Founder and CEO Michael D. Farkas highlighted that Blink has been a recipient of some of that funding. And that he looks forward to receiving more grants, rebates, and other programs. All to propel their mission to deploy charging infrastructure at scale. “It’s a little bit costly at this point in time and there may not be an instant return. But a lot of these funds will assist us in getting charging infrastructure into disadvantaged communities. Which will help ultimately with equality in these communities.”

[bctt tweet=”Blink Charging has upwards of 130 employees working on their hardware and software products. There are thousands of Blink Charging’s EV chargers deployed around the US everywhere from airports, hotels, condos, and supermarkets.” username=”blinkcharging”]


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