Customer Stickiness and EV Charging

“Customer stickiness” is a marketing term that describes a customer’s desire to return to the same business or brand in a competitive environment over and over because the customer perceives the greatest value from that brand or business—be it the best price, the fastest, or the most accurate service. This value makes the customer “stick with you”, and the reason they develop stickiness is different for every consumer.

Customer loyalty, such as using a product because your mother did and your grandmother did, is different, extremely difficult to win, but easier to keep. The odds of acquiring customer loyalty are greater for those companies who win customer stickiness.

Unlike customer loyalty, customer stickiness does not engage the buyer’s emotions or nostalgia, it’s purely a rational decision based on getting the best product or service at the best value. Because of this, customers will move on and “stick” to someone else if that perceived value is lost or someone else’s perceived value becomes greater than yours.

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The key to acquiring customer stickiness is to find out what your customers value. Is it information? The best price? Quality products? Extras they didn’t expect? Businesses invest quite a bit in finding out what customers want, and your business has likely found its niche in quality products, services, speed, or all three. But keeping customer stickiness is also a matter of acquiring more value than your competitors, who are always trying to improve and offer more

According to the aircall, customers’ greatest perceived value right now is time. Time has greater value than money in our current society. This being the case, more time to get work done, more time with family, more time to pursue a healthy work/life balance. There isn’t a price tag on having the time to spend with your child at the playground, or on a date with your spouse, or even more time to chase that elusive deal you’ve been working on.

While price and quality are big reasons for customer stickiness, unexpected details carry more weight than previously thought. People love someone who makes their lives easier, and your customers will love you for giving them back the most precious commodity

So what does time have to do with EVSE? Many people charge at home because it’s easy, but charging an EV at the office is also a great time-saver. It takes no time out of the day to charge at the office, enabling an employee to charge up while they’re working. Installing EV charging stations is a great way to save employees time while attracting well-informed, tech-savvy talent.

If you own a restaurant in an area around businesses, there are probably many restaurants on every corner, all of which serve approximately the same food at approximately the same prices. Why would someone choose one restaurant over another? Their taste and price are all factors. Having an EV charger however is something that doesn’t go on the menu but earns a lot of good will. How much time could you save your customers by providing them with a place to charge that doesn’t require another stop on the way home?

Any business can attract more customers, and keep the ones they have, by offering unexpected extras that create more time in a customer’s day.

In addition to simplifying and adding value to your customers’ lives, you can add real value to your own business. Choosing the Blink Network for your EVSE gets your business earning money from charging stations as soon as they’re installed.

Access to our proprietary Blink Network allows our partners to set hours of operation, decide who can use the charger and who can’t, how much energy they can use, remotely control the charger, and most importantly, charge a fee for energy used!

The Blink Network makes our partners’ lives simpler by taking care of all the details. You install, get online, and go. We enable our partners to succeed rather than struggle without help to understand the charger, which takes time and energy out of employees’ days.

Adding new amenities, such as a Blink EV charging stations, can help you gain “customer stickiness” by adding value to your business they rarely find in your competitors. Give your customers and employees some of their time back, while we provide you with a simple way to add another income stream to your business.

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