Electric Fleets: EVs for Businesses

Any business which owns and operates its own fleet knows that having vehicles which are ready and reliable is key for operational success. Fleet businesses need to plan their transportation ahead of time, keeping in mind their fleet’s longevity and environmental impacts.

Businesses which operate with electric vehicles have fleets which lower environmental impact and last longer. Whether your fleet is already electrified or you are planning to grow your fleet by adding electric vehicles, deciding how your fleet will be charged is a necessary component of success. Whether your fleet charges at a depot center, along their route, or at home, Blink has your fleet charging solutions.

There are some great reasons for businesses to switch to electric right now. EVs are cost effective and require little maintenance compared to gas-fueled vehicles Big businesses with EV fleets can also reduce pollution in a surrounding area fast, improving public health. At a time when respiratory disease is a bigger worry than ever, help your community be safe by reducing asthma and allergies in your community. Beyond environmental impact and public health, there is also an issue of EV infrastructure creating jobs when so many have been lost.

The current EV boom is making acquiring EVs easier than ever, while state and federal initiatives are increasing EVSE infrastructure across the country as a part of Covid recovery efforts.

Why Blink is the Ideal Choice for Your Electric Fleet

The Blink Network enables our hosts to personalize their experience and create the right package for their individual business. Blink EVSE works for all electric vehicles (a Tesla adapter may be required), so you know you can charge the entire fleet on our equipment.

The Blink Network allows hosts to centrally manage their charging stations, controlling when the stations can be used, who can use them, for how long, and how much electricity can be used. The same program allows hosts to receive regular reports about how much electricity has been used, by whom, when, when the charger is earning the most money, and even how much Co2 was not released into the atmosphere because of the host’s chargers. In fact, installation of our chargers can help your building win LEED points, an important environmental distinction that customers and investors look for.

Our networked system allows for public use as well, charging fees for public use, and setting up billing however our hosts prefer—time-based, kWh-based, sessions-based, etc. Our network features 24/7 customer service for host stations and EV drivers alike.

Fueling Sustainability

Most companies are interested in green solutions to the pollution they create. They are interested in improving their sustainability efforts, and want to let the public know about the positive environmental changes they are making to improve air quality and public health. And many pubic companies are required by law to meet requirements for pollution control. EVs do not release any of the tail pipe pollutants, such as CO2 and nitrogen, that fuel-powered cars do, keeping greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.

Depending on where the electricity comes from, EVs can be even cleaner than business owners may imagine. In Iowa, Texas, and Illinois, wind power fuels many electric grids, while California, Washington, and Oregon get a significant boost from hydro-power. When powered by clean energy, EVs may have almost no carbon footprint.

Reduced Spending on Fuel

While the initial up-front cost for an electric vehicle is higher than its gasoline-fueled counterpart, they are ultimately less expensive to own, fuel, maintain, and operate, and for businesses watching each penny, replacing an entire fleet with EVs can offer a significant long-term savings.

The average gas-fueled vehicle costs around $1,117 per year to fuel and maintain while an EV comes in around $485 per year.

According to MidwestEvolve.org, if a gas-fueled vehicle gets 30 mpg, at about $3 per gallon, each mile is around 10 cents to fuel. By comparison, a similar EV paying 10 cents per kwh, costs around 3 cents per mile to fuel. Imagine reducing the fuel costs of an entire fleet by 70%.

Part of the business day is also spent by employees gassing up vehicles for the day’s deliveries and rounds. Save employee time by fueling EVs on site.

 Reduced Spending on Maintenance

Maintenance is almost non-existent for most EVs for at least a decade, but what maintenance is needed, is far less expensive than for gas-fueled vehicles. Businesses are finding maintenance on their new fleet to be around 50% of what it was with gas-fueled vehicles. Rarely do parts need to be replaced on EVs. The battery needs be replaced in 8-10 years, or about 150,000 miles, around the time most vehicles need to be replaced anyway.

Gradual Replacement

Businesses don’t need to replace hundreds or thousands of vehicles in a blink. Gradually replace vehicles rather than paying for pricey maintenance and build your fleet on your schedule.

Build an electric fleet, save money and time, get ahead of new government initiatives, and let your community know you take their health seriously.

Some states like California are expanding initiatives to make EV trucks an immediate part of their future.

Will EV Trucks and Utility Vehicles Be Required Soon?

Let’s face it, a time is coming when electric fleets will be required. It may not be today or tomorrow, but smart businesses prepare for the future while costs are still low. California just began an initiative to make all trucks- from medium duty models to big rigs- electric by 2024, potentially causing enormous changes in the trucking industry. “California is once again leading the nation in the fight to make our air cleaner, becoming the first place in the world to mandate zero-emission trucks by 2045,” Governor Gavin Newsom said in a statement last year. Going green now is a great way to be prepared to save money.

Blink is the perfect choice to help bring the dream of your business’s electric fleet to reality. Trust Blink to enable you to install the EVSE you need and enable you to get all the benefits of being a member of the Blink Network.

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