EV Charging Amenities for High-Income Clientele

If your business is accustomed to providing every amenity and convenience to high-income guests, lacking an EV charger can be an expensive mistake. When we imagine locations for EV chargers, we think about corporations, parking garages, restaurants, and resorts, but sometimes forget about businesses with higher-income clients. Lack of EV charging stations can be a financial error for golf courses, country clubs, private clubs, tennis/racquet courts, and other businesses frequented by wealthy guests.

There is a connection between high-income clients and a need for charging stations. According to Digital Trends, Realtor.com’s April survey found, “Our data shows there’s definitely a link between the prevalence of electric vehicle charging stations and higher home prices,” said Danielle Hale, chief economist at Realtor.com.

Irvine’s Median home Price is $949,000

1.3 Times Higher than Other L.A. Suburbs, and 3.2 Times Higher than the National Average.

In fact, Realtor.com tracked “19,743 charging stations in 6,980 ZIP codes in the U.S. listed on OpenChargeMap on April 1. After mapping EV charging stations to ZIP codes, the study found the combined median list price for the 20 ZIP codes with the most charging stations was $782,000. That price was 1.5 times higher than the average home price.” Plenty of demand for charging stations exists among clients with high discretionary income.

Part of an Amenities Package

Eager to impress guests, businesses offer their clientele the best of everything. Those who join country clubs, golf clubs, and sports clubs, usually pay a fee to do so, and fees are often tiered, based on the level of membership. EV charging at your location will get attention from high-income EV owners, potentially increasing membership, and can be provided for a fee at most levels of membership, or free at the highest level.

Luxury businesses can make charging convenient for their customers while benefitting financially. A higher-income client is likely to choose a convenient charger in a location where they spend time, rather than driving elsewhere, and are happy to pay a fee for use.

A second source of income, it is easy for businesses to set up payment systems for charging. Many businesses prefer to leave EVSE operations to a networked service. These vendors handle installation, function, price, and budget for the company for a subscription fee, and can get your location included on a Google app to let drivers know where EV charging stations are located. Blink IQ 200 charging stations are an ideal solution, these stations provide users a fast 80A charge and stations can be easily managed through their network.

Golf courses and country clubs often already have the electricity needed to install a charging station, and don’t require any renovation. The longer clients spend at a location, the more time they have to charge their car. If your location is like a second home to your clients, their car can be charging while they play, network, and socialize.

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