Install Blink’s New IQ 200 and Never Buy Another EV Charger

Luxury vehicles with x-wing doors. Futuristic trucks with high towing capability. SUVs with enough range to drive your family 300 miles to grandma’s house without stopping. The future of EVs looks entirely different than it did 11 years ago, and Blink’s cutting edge IQ 200 charger enables an amazing variety of new powerful vehicles to steer the future of EVs and drive further innovation.

The newest addition to the Blink family – the IQ 200 – has future-proofed the EVSE industry for years to come because of its revolutionary 80-amp charging capacity, allowing drivers to go further and faster than ever before and your business to save thousands on EV chargers.

What’s an IQ 200?

The IQ 200 charger is the only update from our original first-generation chargers in the company’s 11-year history. That’s because “a little bit better” is just not good enough. Blink didn’t introduce multiple, expensive upgrades in equipment like most of our competitors. We created our second-generation chargers only when improvement was not small, but when our new chargers were leaps and bounds ahead of the average Level 2 Charger.

Why? We value our time and your money far too much for half measures. The future of EVs are bigger, stronger, faster vehicles with towing capacity and more range than anyone imagined. The IQ 200 is equal to the task.

How Does It Work?

EV batteries can accept 80% of the available output of a circuit. Therefore, equipment installed on a 40-amp circuit will output 32 amps. Nearly all Level 2 chargers sold require a 40-amp circuit so they can charge at 32 amps. This rate has been fine for the majority of EVs. But the days when every EV was very small and had a short-range are over.

Today’s EVs are being built bigger and ready for action. New to the market and already immensely popular, EVs with towing capacity and a range of 300 miles changed the story. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the battery. Bigger batteries take longer to charge. As no one who is driving 300 miles to grandma’s house wants to spend the entire day charging their SUV first, a better solution was needed.

Blink created an 80-amp charger to be installed in a 100-amp circuit, making upgrades a thing of the past. The physical equipment is already capable of offering far more amperage than new EVs need. Changes and advances in EVSE are easily downloadable to the IQ 200, and won’t require new equipment.

Blink Charging: Install Blink’s New IQ 200 and Never Buy Another EV Charger

Why Doesn’t Everyone Offer an 80-amp Charger?

Our competitors are in the business of selling equipment. They sell you an EV charger, and whatever happens to it from there is your problem.

We’re not bosses and we’re not salesmen. At Blink, we’re here to support our customers.Our business model is completely unique in the industry because it brings you into the fold, allowing both you and Blink to save time and money.

Because we manufacture, own, and operate our own equipment, it’s not in our best interest to create a lot of unneeded new equipment with expensive new parts which can easily cost your business thousands of dollars every few years to update. It’s also not in our best interest to manufacture shoddy equipment or equipment which isn’t cutting-edge and up-to-date since we’d be the ones paying to replace it.

Our business is your business. We succeed when you succeed. Access to our proprietary Blink Network allows our hosts to set hours of operation, decide who can use the charger, how much energy they can use, how to remotely control the charger, and (most importantly) charge a fee for energy used! Whether you’re the owner of a mini-mart who doesn’t want to foot the entire electric bill for the charger, or an apartment building or condo manager for whom individual fees are required, the Blink Network takes care of all the details. You install, get online, and go. We enable our hosts to succeed effortlessly rather than struggle without help to understand the charger. And we do it all with an 80-amp charger that no one else offers.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a Level 2 charger for your business, consider joining the Blink network. The future-proof charger, the IQ 200, may mean never having to buy a new charger again.

$738 million

Pledged by California Public Utilities for EVSE by 2030

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