IQ 200 Chargers are Replacing Aging EV Charging Equipment Across the Country

Blink has been aggressive in swapping out first-generation Blink chargers and those owned and operated by Blink Charging from other manufacturers. For this reason, you’ll be seeing the new Blink chargers popping up across the country in place of older equipment. In fact, to date, Blink has replaced 884 Blink owned charging stations, improving our hardware and the EV driver experience.

The new Blink IQ 200 is head and shoulders above the older, first-generation Blink product, not to mention its competition. Unlike any other level 2 chargers, the Blink IQ 200 can handle up to 80 amps of continuous input while providing a maximum continuous output of 19.2kWh. However, the fast charging speeds of the IQ 200 can only be realized when existing locations also upgrade their electrical wiring to provide a 100-amp circuit. Some host locations make the infrastructure improvement, while others do not.

But even if existing hosts upgrade their equipment, but not their electrical capacity, EV drivers benefit from the new equipment.

The new IQ 200 units are designed for a great user experience with a reliable, large, full-color daylight readable screen. One of the benefits of owning and operating chargers is that we know what works and what doesn’t. In fact, for a decade of operating others’ chargers and first-generation Blink chargers we recognized that a little screen can a big difference in the charging experience. So, we designed our product to be great for today, and for many years to come.

Blink Charging: IQ 200 Chargers are Replacing Aging EV Charging Equipment Across the Country

Host locations that upgrade to the IQ 200 also realize additional benefits with the new equipment, including a plug-and-play design for easy equipment swap-outs or repairs, local load management capabilities, and multiple deployment options with a range of charging station accessories.

As the EV charging industry continues to evolve, Blink will flex and change to meet the demands of host locations and EV drivers. As such, Blink will continue to aggressively engage with host owners of first-generation equipment to upgrade them to the new IQ 200. And because Blink is an owner and operator of our equipment, we’re in it for the long haul. We’re confident our new family of charging stations will not need to be upgraded as battery technology improves and are the best on the market.

Blink has always been, and remains, committed to pushing forward the EV charging infrastructure required for widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

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