New York Incentives Make EV Charging Installation Easy & Free

New York is one of the nation’s leaders in EV adoption. Their incentives and sustainable policies make it easier than ever for New York residents to become EV drivers. When more EVs are on the road, having more charging stations for those EVs is essential. Blink Charging is a partner in creating a greener future for us all.

According to,. New York wants 85,000 zero emissions vehicles on the road by 2025. New York Power Authority earmarked 250 million dollars for fast chargers throughout the state, and Governor Cuomo wants chargers at every rest stop in the state. Ambitious sustainability goals can be met and surpassed with Blink.

New York is earning its status as an EV destination location, but any city can become an EV destination city with local rebates and Blink’s unique business models. How do you get started?

Free Funding. Yes, we said free. NYSERDA and Con Edison are offering funding for installing EV chargers in New York to go after these goals in a big way. Can the two offers from NYSERDA and Con Edison be combined? Yes, the decision just got a whole lot easier, since you could receive a 100% discount on EVSE.

Blink and Sustainable Westchester hosted a webinar to educate the community about the opportunity and available funding.

Webinar Topics:

– EV drivers need more chargers
– How to evaluate the opportunity for your location
– New York funding and how to apply
– Hear from those leading the charge: Westchester County & Town of Ossining

Featured Speakers:

– Seth Leitman, EV Program Manager, Sustainable Westchester
– Brandon Jacobs, Senior Executive Sales Manager, Blink Charging
– Alison Kling, EV Project Specialist, Con Edison
– David McCabe, NYSERDA Program Manager, Charge Ready NY Program
– Peter McCartt, Director of Sustainability, Westchester County
– Dana Levenberg, Supervisor, Town of Ossining

Looking for a Summary?

Step 1: Evaluate Opportunity

Schedule a site visit with Blink to evaluate your location, estimate cost, and rebate eligibility. With the different programs available in New York it can be easy to get lost, starting with a conversation about your particular location and needs will help you evaluate the opportunity more easily.

Blink offers a number of models, which come in wall-mounted and pedestal varieties. Use the charger to promote your business with digital on-screen ads and braded wraps. What charger do you want? Our IQ 200 is the fastest Level 2 charger in the market and will impress employees and guests who use it; it can provide up to 19.2 kW of power or approximately 65 miles of charge per hour. The IQ 200 is ready for EV capacity that does not yet exist. If your business is future-minded, embracing this innovation now can keep you ahead of the game.

To help think about the optimal number of chargers asking those who would use the chargers is helpful. Do a survey, if possible. Find how many employees, residents, and visitors already own EVs and how many are considering buying one. Finding out how many drivers already need charging stations, how many are planning on buying EVs, and how many would consider it if they knew they had a permanent charger at work, can help your facility’s owner make a decision on number of chargers.

Blink also offers the most flexible business models to share charging revenue and succeed together. With free funding and the right business model, there is no upfront cost. Navigating through the options is simple, and then you are ready for contracting and stacking the savings.

Step 2: Make Ready

Contract and use local rebates to install Blink IQ 200 for little to no cost. After making choosing the best business model for your location and deciding the optimal quantity of chargers, you are ready for contracting and getting started.

With an installation estimate in hand, submit an application to Con Edison’s Make-Ready Program, which has approved $700 million for statewide EVSE infrastructure. According to Con Ed, the goal of the Make-Ready Program is to support the development and deployment of EVSE within the state of New York by offering organizations installing EV chargers incentives that off-set part, or ALL, of the cost of the chargers. Non-public location sites with non-standard plugs can receive a 50% reduction in cost, while public location sites with standard plugs receive a 90% reduction in cost! Is your location in a disadvantaged community? Make that 100%.

When you receive approval from Con Edison, you are ready to install.

Step 3: Install EV Charging Equipment

Installation can now be scheduled and you are one step away from offering a new amenity as a free or paid service.

After installation is completed, submit application to NYSERDA’s Charge Ready NY, who offers public and private organizations that install Level 2 charging stations at public parking spaces, and at location such as workplaces, apartment buildings and condos. This program provides a $4,000 rebate PER charging port, representing a 30-80% savings. Most chargers include at least two ports. New applications are being accepted right now, and Blink can help with the process!

The Blink Network enables our customers to control who can use the chargers, when, hours of operation, and most importantly, to charge for use. You will have real-time access to your chargers, and will appear on Google maps and websites used by EV drivers, like PlugShare, to find local charging stations.

Blink and New York are creating the future now with sustainable objectives for 2021, and into the future!

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