Pennsylvania’s EV Roadmap Charts an Electric Future

Recently Pennsylvania created a plan to put more electric vehicles on the road. Together with the Pennsylvania Departments of General Services, Conservation, and Natural Resources, the Public Utility and Turnpike Commissions, and PennDOT, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) formed Pennsylvania’s Electric Vehicle Roadmap, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

The Roadmap was announced in February of 2020. According to local news source Buck Local News, DEP’s 2018 Greenhouse Gas Inventory reported that “transportation generates 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in Pennsylvania.” There are still only 15,000 EVs in a state with eight million cars on the road. In reaction, the state came up with a plan to solve the problem.

The Goal

of the Pennsylvania Electric Vehicle Roadmap is to Get 3 Out of 10 Cars to be Electric by 2033

The Electric Vehicle Roadmap

The goal of the Pennsylvania Electric Vehicle Roadmap is to create a pathway to get 3 out of 10 cars electric by 2033. This would generate over $2.8 billion in benefits, along with hundreds of green jobs, and a reduction in respiratory illnesses in the state.

According to The Times online, the report outlines seven strategies for increasing the number of EVs on the road. The strategies include building more charging stations, creating maps for residents to locate current stations, developing EV sales goals, outreach programs to dealerships, an education plan for consumers, combating range anxiety, and an increase in EV infrastructure. The report also includes lesser-known strategies, such as “encouraging more so-called ‘time of use’ electric rate designs to encourage people to charge their vehicles overnight.”

Not only would this initiative improve air quality and create jobs, but consumers will also save money in the long run by choosing an EV. According to, EVs cost about half as much as gas-powered vehicles to own and operate.

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Pennsylvania’s Electric Vehicle Roadmap creates a path to a greener future and sets a precedent for more states to follow.

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