¿Por qué instalar una estación de carga de autos eléctricos en su negocio?

As a business owner, your main interest is to attract new customers and increase your income. Installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging station from Blink Charging can help you achieve these goals: your business will become an attractive destination for electric car drivers who will be potential customers for your business and will pay to charge your vehicle.

More and more drivers are deciding to make the change and purchase an electric car. According to the Global EV Outlook 2022 report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), sales of electric cars in emerging markets, such as Latin America, skyrocketed to unprecedented levels in 2021. However, the region still has a way to go in this matter, and greater accessibility to charging infrastructure can accelerate this inevitable evolution.

growth electric cars Latin America
Sales and models available in Latin America and the Caribbean, Global EV Outlook 2022


Stay ahead of the curve in your business and attract customers.

As a business owner or manager, you surely understand the importance of staying ahead of the latest marketing trends, and offering alternative amenities in your business will undoubtedly mean an opportunity to obtain additional income for your company, while building loyalty. to his clients.

Market research indicates that retailers that offer electric car charging services attract new shoppers and recognize these customers as more valuable, since they spend more time in the store (Also read: The truth about the future of electric vehicles in Latin America ).

Businesses that offer charging stations for electric cars encourage shoppers to stop at their location; EV drivers will prefer your establishment over others that do not have charging service. Because of this, they will visit you more often and spend more time in the business while you are charging your vehicle; generating more sales opportunities for you.

As a result, your business will be able to develop an additional revenue stream by charging your visitors to charge their vehicles, making your business more profitable while creating a better customer experience.

Electric car charging stations: More benefits for your business

Learn more about the benefits that a Blink Charging electric vehicle charging station can bring to your business:

  • Appealing to a higher-income demographic: EV owners have higher purchasing power, making them an attractive segment for your business
  • Turn parking lots into profit centers with revenue from EV charging
  • Promoting your business on EV map and driver apps, in-vehicle navigation systems, and the Blink map.
  • Billing can be based on time, kWh, session (according to applicable laws) or can even be offered as a fringe benefit to your customers
  • You will be able to generate loyalty programs or offer special promotions to EV drivers who visit and shop at your business
  • Partnership with local businesses to advertise on the Blink screen or pedestal wrap.
  • Positioning as a modern, innovative and conscious business to stand out from its competition.
  • Demonstration of its commitment to improving air quality and reducing CO2 emissions in congested urban areas.
  • Our Blink Network enables full control, monitoring and reporting of charging station usage
  • User friendly allowing payments via RFID (Radio Frequency ID), Apple Pay, Google Wallet and all major credit cards
  • Managing electricity costs through dynamic load sharing.

electric car drivers


At Blink we can help you

We are Blink, a United States company that designs, manufactures, and operates electric vehicle charging stations in various Latin American countries. We provide all the advice you need to accurately assess the needs of your facilities, whether they are public parking lots, multi-family residences, educational facilities, medical institutions, workplaces, hotels, and more.

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