PQ 100 Plug & Play Charging Cable


A Smart Charging Cable

The Blink PQ 100 smart charging cable lets you power your car wherever you go! Designed for ease of use and portability – the PQ 100 does not require installation and can be easily stowed in the vehicle’s trunk while on the go. Features a durable shock, impact, and runover-resistant construction that allows for both indoor and outdoor use. With a maximum charging speed of 2.3kW, the Blink PQ 100 plug-and-play charging cable can charge your EV safely at any standard home outlet or on the road. This smart charger is the ideal way to charge your hybrid at home, monitor your consumption, and get reimbursed. Choose your ideal cable length of 5 meters or 8 meters, and monitor charging sessions with the straightforward 3-color LED and detailed LCD displays.

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