Providing EV Dealerships with All the Information to Install EVSE

According to a Harris/Volvo survey, nearly three in four U.S. drivers believe electric vehicles are “the future of driving.” It’s closer to 79% among EV drivers. According to EVAdoption and InsideEVs, EVs could reach a 70% year-over-year increase, with sales increasing to 585,375 in 2021 from 345,285 in 2020, while international sales could rise 50% in just one year, a figure predicted by analysts at Morgan Stanley.

And yet, according to a Sierra Club study, they’re virtually impossible to find or test drive at a dealership. The number of dealerships which do not carry EVs is significantly higher than those which do. In the study, which examined states like California and New York, which have signed California’s Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate, more than half the time participants visited dealerships in ZEV states, EVs were hidden on the dealership site, the cars were not charged enough for a test drive, and some participants were told installing EVSE would be too expensive for the dealership.

Not sure how to talk about EVs? We’re here to help

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about EVs. That’s where Blink comes in. We offer our hosts training and information so they can educate potential customers correctly on EVs.

Worried about the price? Blink offers many different business plans suitable for your dealership. In some cases, your business doesn’t have to put a penny down on the charger. Blink owns and operates the equipment and shares the revenue with businesses.

Charging stations and EV sales

Dealers selling electric vehicles clearly need access to charging stations in their service areas; however, having the chargers also available to the public sends the message that EVs and sustainability are important to you, and is also an opportunity to build a second stream of income that requires little to no work or downtime from your employees.

Publicly placed EV chargers communicate to all of your customers that your dealership offers electric vehicles. This may just encourage your new car shoppers to take an EV for a spin. EV chargers are also a great way to attract customers, who will be more than happy to use your charging stations while they browse your other vehicles.

Blink offers on-screen ads and pedestal wraps to expand your brand outside the dealership. Another reason to put EVs front and center is that they advertise to those who not yet consumers on your lot. Many potential buyers may have no idea that you offer EVs and they are available for test drive.

Answering questions

Although EVs have been around for quite some time, many consumers still have questions about EVs and their ownership. Become their go-to expert by answering all their questions. Provide information on everything from tax credits to how to charge to the car to how to install the charger that comes with the car.

We understand that no one knows everything, and our comprehensive information for hosts cannot be beat. We provide hosts with information about how to set up a Blink account, what you can do with it, including set hours of operation and charge customers, as well as charging instruction and what each symbol on the charger means. We also provide instruction on how to use each unit, what reports can be created, how to advertise your charger, and even how to help customers locate other chargers close to home.

Blink has the plans and the information that can made selling EVs a breeze.




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