What are the Different Methods of Charging an Electric Vehicle? 

IQ 200 Charger in Los Angeles California
Electric vehicles (EVs) are growing in popularity, and sales are projected to continue rising, with an estimate of around 10 million purchases by 2025. The innovative technology that goes into the design of these cars makes them an attractive prospect, so it’s no wonder people are showing interest. However, before using an EV, it’s crucial

How to Get the Most Out of Your Level 2 Home EV Charging Station 

Virtually all electric vehicle (EV) buyers will receive a Level 1 home charging cable with the purchase of their vehicle (although some car companies have stopped including them with the purchase of a new vehicle unless drivers opt to spend extra).    For some, these Level 1 chargers will be good enough for their at-home charging

Why Hotels and Other Short-Term Rental Properties Need EV Chargers

As the world transitions from gas- and diesel-burning vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs), it’s going to be important for businesses to start offering their customers EV charging solutions.  And while all businesses should eventually offer EV charging to customers, certain businesses will want to start providing EV charging sooner rather than later. These are businesses