First Gen Blink Chargers Eligible to Upgrade to the IQ 200 for Free

We want every Blink customer to experience the ease of use, intuitive design, and power of 80-amp charging speeds that the IQ 200 offers. For this reason, Blink has created a program that enables existing Blink EV charging station host locations to upgrade their first-generation equipment to Blink’s new state-of-the-art Level 2 charging station, the IQ 200.

What are First Generation Units?

Legacy units are first-generation units that are typically owned by a host location, not Blink. These legacy units were designed and deployed by a company acquired by Blink in 2015. Therefore, they may not be owned and operated by Blink. The units may be found in select locations in a state of disrepair due to the host locations’ disinterest or lack of funding to repair or replace the equipment. We understand this creates a frustrating and confusing situation for EV drivers; therefore, is excited to announce the opportunity for these locations to get their equipment upgraded at no cost.

Blink will provide upgraded equipment to its first-generation host locations when entering into a new multi-year revenue share agreement with Blink. Although the replacement and repair of equipment wholly owned by hosts is solely the hosts’ responsibility, Blink wants every host location to offer their customers the very best and for everyone who charges with Blink.

“This offering is truly a win-win for everyone. We are committed to having only the best equipment in the marketplace. We look forward to continuing our work with our host equipment owners to repair and replace the aging equipment with the new IQ 200”, said Blink’s Executive Chairman and CEO, Michael D. Farkas, about Blink’s upgrade promotional program.

Blink Charging: First Gen Blink Chargers Eligible to Upgrade to the IQ 200 for Free


Why Upgrade?

The IQ 200 is here to stay. In fact, the IQ 200 charger is the only update from our original first-generation chargers in the company’s 11-year history. That’s because “a little bit better” is just not good enough. Blink didn’t introduce multiple, expensive upgrades in equipment like most of our competitors. We created our second-generation chargers when our new chargers were leaps and bounds ahead of the average Level 2 Charger.

Why? Because we’re owners and operators. We understand what is expected of EV chargers in the field. We also appreciate chargers must not only meet the demand of today’s EV’s but also accommodate future electric vehicles with their projected larger batteries. The future of EVs promises to be bigger, stronger, and faster with towing capacity and more range than anyone imagined. The IQ 200 is already equal to the task.


Will the IQ 200 Improve Charging Times?

Maybe. EV batteries can accept 80% of the available output of a circuit. If the host location does not upgrade the electrical wiring when they upgrade. In that case, there will not be a significant improvement in charging speeds. This is because all EV charging equipment is limited to the electrical wiring on which it is installed. Therefore, equipment installed on a 40-amp circuit will output 32 amps.

When a host location invests in upgrading their electrical infrastructure to 100-amp when they swap-out the first-gen equipment, the location will unlock Blink’s second-generation’s true speed and performance. The IQ 200 will provide EV drivers with charging rates of up to 65 miles in an hour.

Ready to Upgrade to the IQ 200?

Contact Blink for more information about upgrading to the Blink IQ 200, a revolution in Level 2 Charging.

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