We’re Going Pro! The Blink Pro Membership is Here

Blink is upgrading our membership program to bring our EV driver members more benefits than ever. The new Pro membership affords members all the convenience of a prepaid account coupled with new benefit discounts and more charging locations with the new IQ 200. The Blink membership is just one of the parts of the Blink EVolution and we hope you appreciate the new benefits and customer experience.

The Way It Works
In gratitude to our members, we are now featuring the Blink Pro Membership at no cost. Our Plus membership is scheduled to be discontinued and be replaced with the Pro membership that offers EV drivers more choices and more savings than ever before.

Members simply log into their accounts and upgrade to the new membership.  Add funds to the pre-paid account with our easy online system. Reload manually or use auto-pay and forget it, ensuring you are always ready to charge.

The Pro membership includes automatic enrollment in giveaways, and use of our nationwide chargers with a convenient pre-paid account, or the Blink Mobile app.

Save Money
For existing members looking to upgrade to Pro, it is free and easy to add funds to your account. New or existing members that become Pro will enjoy discounted charging rates at all Blink public charging stations and auto reload bonuses that really add up to additional member savings. 

Set up auto-reload or add funds manually through the Blink Mobile App or your Blink Network account. We’ll even notify you if your balance is running low, when funds are added, and of course, your charging session details.

Blink Charging: We're Going Pro! The Blink Pro Membership is Here

Monthly Summary Statements
Enjoy a consolidated monthly summary of your account. Summarizing your monthly charging activity makes it easy to know how much you’ve spent and your account’s current balance.

Home Charger Discounts
New and exclusive to the Pro Membership, you receive 25% off the Blink HQ 100 single-family home charger, while supplies last.

Blink Charging: We're Going Pro! The Blink Pro Membership is Here

Faster charging and greater savings every time you charge with Blink’s Pro Membership. Charge On.

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