Which 2021 EV Releases are We Excited About?

These days, electric vehicles come in many different varieties and price ranges, but there are plenty more changes for 2021 that the industry is very excited about. What are some of the most desired new EVs that will be on the market soon?

Blink Charging: Which 2021 EV Releases are We Excited About?

Practical Choices for Towing, Off-Road, and Everyday Driving

The Ford F-150

Possibly the most highly anticipated production of all time, an electric version of America’s best-selling vehicle is coming to the market in 2021. Ford’s partnership with Rivian helped create the truck and will bring it to sale soon. There are no specs yet, but few can forget the publicity event when an F-150 EV towed a train full of F-150s. Due early to mid-2021.

The Rivian R1S

Rivian is bringing more to market than a Ford truck. Their own R1S is equal parts truck and SUV, with the looks of a Range Rover. It can tow 7,716 pounds, seats 7, features 11 cameras, 360-degree vision, 108 sq. ft. of cubic space, and boasts more than 300 miles of range. This is the vehicle for camping, fishing, and off-road adventures. Early 2021.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E

The SUV will come in standard and extended ranges, but even the standard will have 332 horsepower and 417 lbs. of torque, and the extended version offers over 300 miles of range. The vehicle features the mustang horse that is on the front of all Mustangs and the name is a tribute to the old Mustang’s “Mach 1” advertising. Despite the nostalgia, this is no sports car, and offers all the inside comforts of most high-end SUVs with a touchscreen dash and ergonomic seats. Fall 2020- Early 2021

The Mazda MX-30

Mazda’s first EV offering is a small, fully electric SUV with sports car styling. Featuring a small battery and about 150 miles of range, this new SUV will get most people where they need to go easily without excess range, battery size, and price.

The Nissan Ariya

This SUV is Nissan’s second EV after the reasonable and efficient Leaf. This model however promises over 300 miles of range, 389 horsepower, and tests out their new semi-autonomous driving system the Pro-Pilot 2.0. After it tests in Japan, it’s headed here in late 2021.


Blink Charging: Which 2021 EV Releases are We Excited About?

Luxurious Ways to Help the Earth

The Audi Q4 E-tron

Similar to its past E-tron offerings, the Q4 differs in that it comes only in an all-electric composition. It’s the first Audi to use Volkswagen’s MEB platform. The small SUV features an 82-kWh battery and a range of 280 miles. Luxuries abound such as a large infotainment touchscreen that is angled toward the driver for easier access to its various menus and features, and faux suede bucket seats. Expected July 2021.

The GMC Hummer 

Combining a luxury car and a practical SUV, the Hummer is one of many different new offerings with a utilitarian, almost military-like appearance. It comes in 3 varieties—with 1,2, or 3 motors, 1000 horsepower, a shocking 11,000 lbs. of torque, and removable roof panels. 2021.

The Jaguar XJ Electric

The I-Pace started it all for Jaguar electric, but great things are expected from the electric version of their flagship luxury sedan. Reportedly “sumptuous and roomy”, luxury car fans go fully electric with this model which does not feature a small gas or diesel engine like other models. 2021.

The Mercedes-Benz EQ Family

Mercedes will release several new EVs in 2021. The head of the lineup is the EQS-class flagship sedan that promises over 435 miles of range and has a body that resembles a cross between a sedan and a hatchback. The EQE is sized somewhere between the EQS and the Tesla 3. It claims two all-electric motors—front and back, more room than gas-powered sedans, and 200 miles of range. The EQC is a cross-over SUV with 200 miles of range. Car and Driver reports it “stays close to the values Mercedes is known for: comfort, quietness, and precision in steering.” Late 2021.

Blink Charging: Which 2021 EV Releases are We Excited About?

Making Your Dream Ride a Reality

The Volkswagen ID Buzz

Most people don’t think top-shelf EVs when they think Volkswagen, but this model is nonetheless a dream car. A futuristic version of the beloved 1960s Microbus, this one looks like it just drove off the set of Back to the Future. Seats 8.

The Aston Martin Lagona All-Terrain

This sleek, futuristic SUV is what James Bond would drive off-road. This model is all electric and rides on an Aston Martin DBX wagon. Luxurious inside and out, it will boast over 300 miles of range. The line intends to compete with 3-box sedans like Rolls and Bentley, but to appeal to a younger crowd that’s likely to go on more adventures and be more environmentally aware. Will appear on the market sometime between 2021-2023.

The Tesla Roadster

Zero to 60 in 1.9 seconds and a top speed of 250 mph is just the beginning with the attractive Tesla Roadster. It also features a 200-kWh battery pack and over 620 miles of range. Starting price is $200,000. 2021.

The Aspark Owl

This Japanese automaker promises only 50 of these will be on the market. A dead ringer for a cooler version of a Lotus, it has a luxury sports car front end and X-wing doors. It features 64 kWh, 280 mile range, reaches zero to 60 in 1.7 seconds, 1984 horsepower, and a top speed of 249 mph. $3.2 million, available mid 2020.

EVs are no longer just small cars with short range, but come in a variety of off-road and luxury choices with a long range to please all consumers. From practical to the things dreams are made of, more EVs are going to be on the market this year, with many more in the future. From reasonably priced family vehicles, to luxury sedans, to cutting-edge machines, there is an EV for everyone. It’s easier than ever to go green with a wider variety of EVs on the market and Blink chargers to make the most out of whichever new vehicle is right for you.

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