Why Businesses are Installing EV Chargers NOW for Employees’ Return to Work

According to the Bloomberg Report’s “Electric Vehicle Outlook”, industry insiders expect 57% of vehicles on the road to be EVs by 2050. The popularity of EVs and the number on the road rises every year. Nearly 2 million new EVs will be on the road this year, when just a few years ago, only a couple of thousand new EVs were on the road each year. EVs are the future of automobiles, and many drivers are already eager for more charging stations. Many businesses and corporations are interested in potentially installing EV chargers, but are not sure where to begin or when to take on the project.

Corporations and employers are choosing to install electric vehicle charging stations at workplaces right now, before employees return to work. The existence of Covid has had many negative effects on businesses, including loss of revenue and employees. Statistics show a mere 26% of the population is working from a business right now, while 42% work from home, and 33% have lost or quit their jobs. Installing electric vehicle chargers is a great way to get ready for employees’ return to work, increase revenue, and attract the best new employees for your business.

13 Million

Charging Stations Will be Needed in the U.S. by 2030

Why is NOW the perfect time to install electric vehicle chargers?

1—The garage is well below occupancy. While it may not be completely empty, if many of your business’s employees are working from home, the garage or lot they park in is likely to be far less busy. It’s an ideal time to complete minor projects with easy processes, like installing EVSE. Installation of the equipment, evaluation of electric panels, as well as painting and signage can all get done quickly and easily, while not being interrupted or obstructive to a steady flow of traffic.

2—Your business is interested in public health and wants the public to know. Air pollution claims 4.5 million lives per year, an astronomical number most people are not aware of. In a time when prevention of respiratory illnesses has never been more important, businesses want to send the message that they’re doing what they can for public health. Installing EVSE is a great way to reduce air pollution and protect your community. Let the public know with signs about your new chargers, social media posts, advertising, or even a ribbon-cutting ceremony to introduce the new equipment.

3—Replacing some lost revenue. When a business chooses a networked system like Blink, they have the opportunity to charge for use of the charging stations, creating a second income stream that requires little or no work on the part of the business or time from employees.

Beyond setting up fees for use of the chargers, having a Blink network account can put your business on the map, literally. The business will appear on Google and Apple Maps, PlugShare, ChargeHub, the Blink Map, and other sites that provide EV drivers with a map of charger locations. Becoming well known among EV drivers can increase the profit of a company’s parking garage when EV owners park there and pay not only a fee for use of EVSE but also a fee for parking.

2—Attracting top-tier employees. Many Americans are out of work, and many more businesses are hiring right now. Some lost employees who had to quit because of Covid, and others see profits on the horizon now that everyone can be vaccinated. Whatever the case, if your business is seeking new employees in the new year, what kind would you like to hire? EV drivers tend to be younger, better educated, tech savvy, responsible, and concerned about others- the kind of employees any business dreams of having. Up your game and attract the best of the best with benefits and amenities that include use of EV chargers. Installation of EVSE alsosends a clear a message to staff and customers alike that your business is working for a greener future.

When it comes to installing EVSE, many businesses are interested but don’t know where or when to begin. Now is the ideal time to install EVSE in preparation for employees’ return to work. To begin, contact Blink to find a business plan and equipment that work for any budget. Send the message to customers and employees that sustainability and public health matter to your business by making it easier for them to own, drive, and charge an EV.

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