Green Incentives: Why Do So Many Employees Want Sustainable Amenities?

The American market is facing some dramatic labor shortages. This situation presents a threat to many companies, but could be an opportunity for sustainable amenities, especially as several businesses have already been pushed to scale back on operations. For example, giants like Starbucks and McDonald’s are facing challenges such as product unavailability, limited shop hours, and a potential pause on orders made through the app. 

The Recruitment Challenge and Green Incentives

As most businesses want to attract top talent, it can be difficult given the competition for quality employees. This is why companies need innovative ways to stand out. So, businesses should partner up with more innovative skill screening solutions or tools such as prioritizing the type of amenities and benefits they offer. Besides salary negotiations, every day more employees are demanding amenities that add value to their workplace.     

Employee benefits can account for 30% of your total compensation package. Which is why studies have shown that applicants actively evaluate office perks and benefits before accepting an offer. Amongst the popular benefits wanted are flexibility and onsite privileges. Additionally, the Harvard Business Review found that about 80% of employees prefer to work from home. So, it is crucial to provide amenities that help differentiate your business from others and retain office-based workers.  

EV Charging as a Valuable Sustainable Amenity  

Insights by found that employees appreciate green benefits, such as sustainable amenities, as part of their efforts to give back. Some of the benefits they enjoy most are green initiatives. Like solar power, enrollment in plant-based food programs. And of course, help purchasing an EV or offering EV charging stations in the workplace.   

Bringing charging stations to your workplace is easy to do and a tangible way to show appreciation for employees, while also publicly displaying some of your company’s environmentally friendly core values with sustainable amenities. Fuel is a major expenditure in the lives of most internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle drivers. Make it easier for employees to make their next car an EV by offering EV charging as an office amenity. For Ted Major, Regional Wellness Coordinator, at MOM’s Organic Market. It was a key reason why he switched to electric. He states, “The ability to charge my car at work was a deciding factor in my family’s decision to purchase an all-electric vehicle.” 

Chargers can help employees choose to drive an EV, but also impresses those who already own one. Young, tech-savvy potential employees already drive EVs and will see free charging at a convenient location as a major advantage in your business’s favor.  

Another benefit is that many states allow EV drivers to use HOV lanes, which also helps to ensure your employees make it to work on time. Without having to spend valuable time stuck in traffic. According to a Department of Energy survey, 90% of employers indicated that their staff provided positive feedback on their workplace charging program. Additionally, they extend customer dwell time, add your location to all EV driver maps. And provide another revenue stream if you charge customers and visitors. 

The Influence of Sustainability on Recruitment  

However, modern employees are not just looking for more “stuff”, they’re looking for purpose. states that when looking for a job, nearly all seekers care about CSR. Similarly, research by Cone Communications Co. found that around 75% of millennials care about a company’s social and environmental commitments. It makes sense that individuals would prefer to be part of businesses that care about having a positive impact, since this is bound to make the work more fulfilling.  

Similarly, sustainability programs and green incentives,  can also impact employee retention. Forbes announced that more than 41% of those surveyed are either considering or looking for new opportunities. But when employees believe their company is making a positive impact, that number drops to just 7% 

Allison DaSilva, CSR Insights Specialist explained, “Millennials will soon make up 50 percent of the workforce and companies will have to radically evolve their value proposition to attract and retain this socially conscious group.” A strong corporate social responsibility program will determine a company’s ability to appeal to, retain and inspire Millennial talent. This could mean that they would change jobs for one they found more fulfilling. In fact, research by the Harvard Business Review showed that more than 9 out of 10 employees are willing to trade a percentage of their lifetime earnings for greater meaning at work. Some are even willing to sacrifice part of their salary to work for a company that is sustainable and provides social benefits. Therefore sustainable amenities are a great way to showcase to this group a business’s CSR efforts. 

The Importance of Green Amenities

Green amenities have become a must for businesses, as more and more employees choose to work at places that take sustainability and social responsibility seriously.  Applicants are looking for a workplace that provides them with purpose, and a positive impact. Workers are looking for a place with amenities that make it worth getting ready in the morning and undergoing their commutes. Everybody is in search of much more than a job, they want fulfillment.  

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