World EV Day: A Sustainability-Focused Celebration to Bring Attention to EVs

World EV Day, which takes place on September 9, is a global movement to raise awareness about electric vehicles. The movement’s tag line #DriveChange encapsulates the campaign’s emphasis on change—in consumer choice, business sustainability programs, and public policy. The campaign, primarily social media-driven, celebrates the shift and transition from gas-fueled vehicles to a more electric future. 

Since last year’s World EV Day, global EV sales have increased 39%, even as the car market generally suffered. This year’s increases promise to be even more impressive. According to, “The number of all-electric car registrations in 2020 amounted to 252,548 (up 11.1% year-over-year, from 227,161 in 2019).” 

“In 2021, World EV Day will be asking businesses across the world how they will #DriveChange” to support mobile sustainability. Founders are also asking EV drivers to share stories about their experiences and journeys on the road to #GoEV. 

The first World EV Day, in 2020, was a great success, and according to their website, since then, “World EV Day transitioned from being a campaign into a proper global movement.” World EV Day 2020 had a global audience reach of 1.9 billion people on TV, 197 million impressions on Twitter, and 21.8 million conversations on Facebook!  

World EV Day has helped bring attention to the entire EV industry. The UK government announced 21 million pounds of new investments in EVs. Nissan announced the production of half a million new Leaf vehicles, while Land Rover/Jaguar announced the new Defender hybrid. 

Seven out of ten Americans see an EV in their future, and Blink will be here to empower them towards change. Blink is proud to support World EV Day and to help bring awareness to the EV industry. We already have installed 23,000 chargers worldwide and install more every day. Blink deployed 582 units and our 1,000th second-generation charger in the first quarter of 2020.  

What’s changed at Blink since last year’s World EV Day? Blink’s second-quarter 2021 revenue increased 177% over the second quarter of 2020, while revenue from charging services over the second quarter of last year increased 572%. 

Blink is installing more chargers every day with contracts and deployments up by 46%. 3,264 commercial and residential EV charging stations were contracted, sold, or deployed during Second Quarter 2021, compared to 380 in the same period last year, an increase of 758%! 

Blink’s exclusive network is growing, with over 180,000 members across the globe. The Blink Network enables businesses to determine operating hours for their chargers, set controls on who can use them, control chargers remotely, and charge for electricity used.  

Blink is always doing cutting-edge research, to provide our customers with the newest, most innovative products to make it easier to go green. Celebrate World EV Day with Blink. Charge On. 

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