Seven Ways to Let Your Community Know About Your EV Chargers

There are many good reasons for your business to install an EV charger. An EV charging station improves air quality, is convenient for your employees, and attracts visitors and new customers who drive EVs.

According to SmallBizDaily, installation of EVSE can also help attract top-quality, techno savvy employees, your business can receive tax rebates on installation, and help send a positive message to the community about your business. A great way to showcase your company’s sustainability practices begins with offering EV charging stations. It’s natural that when your company installs EVSE, you want the entire community to know about it. So how do you get the word out?

Tell Your Staff

Be sure to communicate with your staff. Your own employees are your best source of PR. They’re also the people who will benefit from the charger the most. Put the information on your website and social media platforms your business maintains. Put it in the company newsletter. And get quotes from staff who will use the EV about the convenience of the new equipment.

Announce Your Stations in the Newspaper

Contact your local newspapers and news channels and tell them about the EVSE installation. They may write an article about this, or ask you for an Op-Ed or press release. This is also where the quotes from your staff will come in handy. Invite reporters to a red-ribbon ceremony.

Blink Charging: Let Your Community Know About Your EV Chargers

Take Photos

According to Natural Resources Council of Maine, it’s smart to take pictures and record installation of the EVSE. These pics and videos can be put on business websites and for use by the media on television news stories.

Hold a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The press are more likely to attend any event the community is excited about. Invite influential people in your city to attend. Invite someone to speak, such as the mayor or an expert on how the equipment will improve air quality. Be sure to put a press release in the paper ahead of time. Take pictures, including pictures of influential community members with the new equipment that are likely to appear in the newspaper. Invite the entire community to come by and use your EV charger. Light catering is not necessary, but your business could choose to have drinks and snacks available.

Hold a Raffle

If you’re planning to charge for use of your EVSE, and you likely are, you could hold a raffle or drawing in which the winner gets a month of free charging. You could do this at the ribbon cutting ceremony also. It’s a good way to ensure EV drivers attend the ceremony and know they can charge at your lot or garage now.

Blink Charging: Let Your Community Know About Your EV Chargers

Join the Apps

Be sure to include your business on websites and apps that drivers can easily access to find EV charging stations, such as PlugShare, ChargeHub, and Blink.

Keep Talking

Continue posts, blogs, and articles about use of your new charger, and continue raffles and incentives to keep it in the news.

Blink Charging: Let Your Community Know About Your EV Chargers

These are just a few of the options for letting the public know about your new EV charging station. All of them do double duty as ways to advertise your business and highlight your business’s sustainability choices, while also to letting local EV drivers know where a new charging station is located. Make the most of installing EVSE for your business and let the community know they have a new local charger when they’re on the go.

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