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Looking for the right charging solution?Discover Blink

EV charging solutions for hospitals

Power up your hospital services with EV charging

Provide an EV charging station at your healthcare facility and emphasize your commitment to exceptional service and sustainable operations.

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Why you should consider EV charging for your hospital

Showcase your service

Your commitment to high-standard care can start in the parking lot. Meet the growing EV charging needs of patients, visitors and personnel.

Lead the way

With electric driving on the rise, more EV charging regulations are imminent. Stay ahead of the curve as a healthcare innovator.

Reinforce green efforts

Double down on eco-conscious operations across all facilities. Providing EV charging is a visual cue of your environmental efforts.

Explore extra revenue

Depending on the project and the business model, a percentage of the charging fees may flow back to you as a form of rental income.

EV charging solutions for hospitals

With Blink, you get reliable chargers and dedicated support. Discover the right solution for your healthcare facility.

Recommended business model

Blink Owned

Let us invest in your EV charging station

Provide EV charging for patients, visitors and personnel without the investment. With the Blink Owned solution, we finance the entire operation in your hospital’s parking lot. This way, you can keep allocating your budget to where it matters most: patient care.

  • We fund everything from on-site preparation to infrastructure, maintenance and customer service  

  • Revenue from the chargers flows back to Blink  

  • Depending on the project, a percentage of charging fees may serve as a rental income

Blink Charging - EQ 200

Frequently asked questions

Top questions asked by hospitals

Will the electrical requirements of EV charging interfere with the current electricity circuit?

No, it won’t. We’ll set up a dedicated electrical circuit for EV charging, operating independently from your hospital.

Yes, easy access to the hospital for all stakeholders remains guaranteed. Your Blink project manager will focus on minimizing any inconvenience.

Blink’s software automatically handles billing for EV drivers using your charging station. This involves zero effort from you.

Once your chargers are in use, you can simply lean back. We track the performance and maintenance of your chargers and provide 24/7 driver support.

Most hospitals opt for AC or slow charging, as time spent inside the building usually exceeds one hour. If you’re centrally located, adding DC or fast charging might be interesting as well.

EV charging for hospitals: answering the 5 biggest questions

More than anywhere else, a hospital’s motto is safety first. Here are five key questions that our hospital partners had at the start of their EV charging journey.