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Looking for the right charging solution?Discover Blink

EV charging solutions for parking operators

Charge your parking facilities with Blink

Provide EV chargers at your parking facility. Meet the charging needs of EV drivers while exploring a new source of income.

Why parking operators choose Blink Charging

A personal approach with global support

Get the best of both worlds: combine the dedicated assistance of a small team with the resources and stability of an international player.

Cutting-edge technology

With Blink, you’re prepared for the road ahead. Explore our V2G-ready chargers that also support dynamic load balancing.

Turnkey installation

Blink offers plug-and-charge solutions, handling everything from design and preparation to installation, maintenance and support.

Large network

Our chargers support a wide range of charge cards, making it easy for your EV-driving customers to power up.

EV charging solutions for parking operators

With Blink, you get reliable chargers and dedicated support. Discover the right solution for your parking facility.

Recommended business model

Host Owned

Invest in your own chargers and reap the profit

Want to explore a new source of income? With Host Owned, you collect the charging revenue as you cover the cost of the entire operation. This empowers you to choose your own tariffs. With access to Blink’s user-friendly host portal, you easily keep track of your chargers’ activity.

  • You finance your own EV charging station, from on-site preparations and hardware to installation 

  • You collect the revenue, minus a small fee for our reliable service 

  • We take care of everything, from a turnkey installation to maintenance and support 

EV charging for parking operators: why Blink is your go-to choice

As drivers trade in the pump for the charger, public parking facilities face both a challenge and an opportunity. Parking operators choose Blink to maximize revenue with this sought-after amenity.