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Looking for the right charging solution?Discover Blink

Blink EV chargers

Family of EV Charging Stations

With Blink, you’re prepared for the road ahead. Explore our chargers and find the perfect match for your charging needs.

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Blink Charging - EQ 200

For any business

Commercial EV Chargers

Chargers for any business, of any size. To prepare any location, from public to private, from hotels to workplaces or multi-family residences, Blink Charging offers solutions that are fast, reliable, and ready for the future.

on and off street

Public Charging

For all your public charging needs. With thousands of installations completed, Blink specializes in providing top-notch EV installation services for public charging stations.

Why Blink Chargers?

Cutting-edge technology

With Blink, you’re prepared for the road ahead. Explore our V2G-ready chargers that also support dynamic load balancing.

Turnkey installation

Blink offers plug-and-charge solutions, handling everything from design and preparation to installation, maintenance and support. 

Generate extra revenue

Offer EV charging as a complimentary amenity or monetize this service to turn your parking lot into a new source of income. 

Product Grid

Products to keep you charged, everywhere, every time.

  • EQ 200


    The Blink EQ 200 is designed with flexibility in mind, to fit any location with its compact form and...

  • Pro 400


    The Blink Pro 400 is a ground-mounted EV charger with dual outlets that provides a highly efficient...

  • DUAL Wallbox


    Ideal for office or (semi)-public charging, the Blink Dual Wallbox offers a dual charging option in...

  • Hypercharger 400kW


    The Blink Hypercharger 400kW fast chargers are powerful enough to charge electric vehicles...

  • Hypercharger 50kW


    Blink’s Hypercharger 50kW is a fast charger designed to be the perfect balance of power and...

  • Hypercharger 150kW


    The Blink Hypercharger 75kW – 150kW fast chargers are powerful charging stations that quickly charge...


All-in-one solutions for your charging needs

Considering EV charging? Blink takes everything out of your hands. Here’s why we’re the logical choice for your charging solution.

Turnkey installation

Sit back, relax and let Blink handle everything: from technical inspections and on-site preparation to all-round installation.

Continued maintenance

We monitor your chargers and take care of any necessary repairs.

Round-the-clock support

Drivers can count on 24/7 customer support. You can depend on your dedicated Blink project manager.

Flexible business models

Four customizable models to match with your specific charging needs

Dynamic load balancing

Thanks to Blink’s cutting-edge technology, we use the available energy as efficiently as possible.