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Dual Wallbox


Ideal for office or (semi)-public charging, the Blink Dual Wallbox offers a dual charging option in a single, wall-mounted unit. Enclosed in a sturdy metal casing, this wallbox allows for all outdoor charging needs to be met. The dual wallbox offers a Smart Charging island configuration which allows load balancing on multiple chargers, making it the ideal solution for situations like underground parkings and other public spaces.

Socket type:

Type 2
Key features
  • 3x400 V+N

  • 500 mm x 320 mm x 150 mm (L x W x H)

  • AC 2 x 22 kW = 44 kW

  • Diff Type A 30 mA per socket

  • GPRS (standard) or Ethernet via OCPPJ 1.6

  • Smart Charging island configuration

PowerSingle phase 230V: 3.7 or 7.4 kW Three phase 400V: 11 or 22 kW
Max current 16A or 32A
TensionSingle phase: 230V Three phase: 400V
ConnectivityJOCPP1.6 via Ethernet Web sockets
DCC compliant ✔️
Wall mount ✔️
Pedestal mount ✔️
Load balancing ✔️


Dual charging

Up to 22kW charging on each socket.


Metal casing protecting the unit.


Allows for Smart Charging island configuration.

DUAL Wallbox


Available as a wallmount or on a separate pillar, the perfect solution for public spaces. With a voltage rating of 3x400V+N and maximum current ratings of 32A and 64A, this charger can deliver charging power up to 22 kW and 44 kW respectively. The charger comes equipped with two AC-Type 2 sockets, fully compliant to all safety regulations. Automated load balancing between both sockets is always included.

The charger’s charging mode is Mode 3 (IEC 61851-1:2017), and it features RFID charge control (Multiprotocol Mifare Classic A/B) and Ethernet and GPRS connectivity. The charger also supports load balancing via optional hardware: DCC Pro and features a MID certified meter and LED-based HMI.

The charger’s physical properties include dimensions of 320 x 500 x 150mm, a powder-coated metal enclosure rating of IK10 (IEC62262) and IP54 (IEC 60529), and an operating temperature range of -30 °C – +50 °C, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Overall, the Dual Wallbox is a robust and reliable charging solution that is easy to install and maintain, making it the perfect choice for public locations looking to offer EV charging services to their customers and/or visitors.

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