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Industry Charging Solutions - Blink Charging (India)

Blink Charging is paving the way for EV adoption through the global deployment and operation of EV charging stations. Our clients include workplaces, residences, hospitality locations, retail locations, fleets, healthcare and more. To get started, select your industry.

Your Customers are Already EV Drivers. Don't miss Out!

Pre-empt Norms

Pre-empt central and state government regulations regarding EV-ready parking in commercial and residential properties.

Emerging Market

Attract and retain customers by offering an amenity sought by 88% of consumers. Position your business as an EV charging destination on multiple channels such as Google Maps and the Blink Mobile app.

Generate Revenue

Add an additional revenue stream by offering EV charging. In addition to providing a much needed service to your customers, you can extend visitor dwell time.

Track Your Impact

The Blink App dashboard actively displays your sustainability efforts towards CO2 reduction, positive environmental impact, and economic savings through use of Blink EV charging solutions.

One Partner for All Your Charging Needs

Blink is there for your business every step of the way. We provide a full range of deployment configurations for your industry and deliver high-speed performance on a smart network.

Commercial Products

Products to Keep You Charged, Everywhere, Every time.

The Blink Hardware Difference

Blink has installed thousands of charging stations for all types of programs and we are confident that we have the right product to fit for your needs.

  • Commercial, residential, and fleet EV charging stations

  • 4G LTE connectivity available

  • Type-2 (AC) and CCS2 (DC) plugs compatible

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Solutions Built For Your Industry

Ready to start designing your ideal EV Charging solution?

Learn how to use EV charging stations to attract new customers and increase duration and frequency of visits at your business.

EV Industry Insights

Stay current on the world of electric vehicles with the latest insights from Blink.

Commercial EV Charging Products

Easy-to-use Level 2 and DC fast chargers that support public and private charging at any location.

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Top 5 Benefits of EV Charging for Hotel & Resorts

Providing EV charging infrastructure enhances the overall customer experience for guests with electric vehicles. Travellers can conveniently charge their cars while enjoying the amenities of the hotel, eliminating the need to search for external charging stations.



Navigating EV Charging in Residential Complexes

As more residents opt for EVs, Residential Welfare Associations (RWAs) play a crucial role in facilitating the transition to electric mobility. With 90% of the EV charging occuring at offices or at residences, RWAs have a pivotal role in Indian net-zero aspirations.



Benefits of Switching to EV Fleets

When considering electric vehicles (EVs) for a passenger, logistics or public transport fleet in India, fleet owners and managers must consider the long-term cost implications. Fleet managers in India strive to prolong the working lives of their vehicles through regular maintenance and efficient usage.

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