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EV Charging Solutions for Healthcare

Powering Healthcare with Sustainable EV Charging Solutions

EV charging symbolize sustainability and innovation. Implement EV charging as an amenity at your healthcare facility and and provide staff and guests with a green amenity and an additional revenue stream.


Lead the way in renewable technology and innovation

A Green Amenity

Let your healthcare facility shine by providing a green, convenient and reliable transportation option for doctors, nurse, staff, and guests.

Clean Energy

Promote the use of electric vehicles to help mitigate air pollution, a significant contributor to respiratory issues.

Innovative & Sustainable

Emphasize your facilty's sustainability efforts and earn points towards GBCI and LEED certification.


Your Blink dashboard actively displays the pounds of CO2 reduced, barrels of oils saved, and even dollars saved.

Solutions for Healthcare Facilties

Blink provides a full range of deployment configurations for your industry. We deliver high-speed performance on a smart network.

Recommended Product

Series 7 EV Charging Station

32 Amp AC Level 2 Dual Port Charger

The Blink Series 7 With its compact form factor, easy installation, commercial-grade Aluminium body, and ENERGY STAR® certification, the Series 7 charging station is the perfect solution for your workplaces.

  • Up to 32A Max per port

  • Dual-port design for two vehicles to charge simultaneously

  • Easy-to-read back-lit LCD screen

  • Data communication via built-in 4G LTE

  • Outdoor-rated, rugged Aluminium enclosure

  • Pedestal and wall-mount options



How Are EV’s Benefiting Healthcare Facilities?

Leading healthcare providers like medical centers, hospitals, and pediatric facilities prioritize public well-being and technology. Install Blink EV charging stations to offer employee amenities, complement sustainability efforts, and showcase your commitment to community health.

Electric vehicles produce Zero tailpipe emissions, a large contributor to poor air quality.

EVs generate half the emissions of a gas car from manufacturing to lifespan.

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Find the right charger for your business

Choose your industry and explore tailored charging solutions for your needs.


Series 7


Series 9


Series 3

Level 2 Commercial EV Charging Station

Blink Series 7

Powerful enough to charge your electric fleet

  • Dual-port design for two vehicles simultaneously charging

  • Power configurable up to 32A per port​

  • Connection via built-in 4G LTE​

  • Wall or Pedestal with optional Cable Management System​

  • Outdoor-rated, rugged Aluminium enclosure


DC Fast Charging Station

Blink Series 9

Easy configuration of up to 80 A per port, alongside ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

  • Single CCS2 port

  • Up to 30kW Power / 60A

  • Connection via built-in 4G LTE​

  • Wall and Pedestal Mount Options

  • 10" touchscreen display

  • Robust, all-weather protection to prevent damage from elements


AC 3*3.3 kW Charger

Series 3

The Blink Series 3 Charger for 2-Wheelers and 3-Wheelers

  • Up to 15A of output per port

  • Charge 3 vehicles at the same time

  • OCPP 1.6 compliant

  • Multi-socket unit which supports IEC60309 and 5/15A sockets

  • Wired Internet connectivity through Communication Gateway

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Ready to start designing your ideal EV Charging solution?

Learn how to use EV charging stations to attract new customers and increase duration and frequency of visits at your business.

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