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Looking for the right charging solution?Discover Blink

EV charging solutions for hospitality & leisure

Attract more visitors with a desired amenity

Meet the growing charging needs of guests, customers and members and become the go-to destination for EV drivers.

Blink Charging - EQ 200 - Hospitality & Leisure

The benefits of EV charging for hospitality & leisure

Expand your service

Keep providing your clientele with the best possible experience by meeting their growing charging needs.

Attract new visitors

Turn your business into the go-to destination for EV-driving customers, guests and members.

Generate extra revenue

Offer EV charging as a complimentary amenity or monetize this service to turn your parking lot into a new source of income.

Reinforce green efforts

Double down on your sustainable business goals. Your charging station is a visual cue of your commitment to the environment.

EV charging solutions for hospitality & leisure

With Blink, you get reliable chargers and dedicated support. Discover the right solution for your hospitality or leisure business.

Find your match

Flexible business models

The right model for your charging needs

Want to offer EV charging, but don’t have the financial leverage? Or would you rather exploit your own charging station and generate new revenue? Blink offers four business models that accommodate the specific needs of every business, whether big or small.


  • Blink Owned
    Let Blink fund your chargers and offer a sought-after amenity without the investment.

  • Hybrid Owned
    Split the cost and share the profit with this highly customizable hybrid model

  • Host Owned
    Fully invest in your charging station, choose your own tariffs and reap the profit.

  • Charging-as-a-Service
    Lease your EV charging infrastructure through a financial party.

Blink Charging - EQ 200 - Hospitality & Leisure

Why you shouldn’t miss out on EV charging for hospitality & leisure

With electric driving on the rise, customers expect charging opportunities wherever they go. You can make your location even more inviting. Read why you should consider EV charging for your business.