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Tips to Save Energy and Money at Work

Going green saves energy. In fact, Conserve Future Energy reports that according to The U.S Department of Energy, if buildings were all green, the U.S. would use $20 billion less energy every single year. Sometimes just knowing where to start can be daunting. Not sure where energy can be easily saved? Ask a professional. An

What If Your Garage Was Built Ready to Charge Your Car?

Your next home will probably be able to charge your car. As electric vehicle sales soar, local governments may require builders to include EVSE-ready infrastructure in their new builds. According to Slashgear, electric car regulations could see “all-new” home builds in the US required to be “EV-ready” in the near future. The article also says,

Why should doctors’ offices and hospitals install EV chargers? There’s more than one reason.

Improving Public Health with EV Chargers When people think of electric vehicles, healthcare doesn’t immediately come to mind, but maybe it should. Studies show air quality and personal health are closely tied together. We know emissions from vehicles cause air pollution, and that air pollution is responsible for breathing issues, illnesses, and death. In fact,

EV Fleets Drive Business Into the Future

Commercial sales of EVs have continued to grow in the U.S., partly because of more choice in EV models, support from federal government and state representatives, and falling battery prices. Initial prices of EVs are always higher (for now) than their ICEV equivalents, but EVs’ superior performance, lack of maintenance, reasonably priced electricity, ease of

Why Most Cities Tend to Install EV Chargers in the Same Public Places

Many cities are taking charging infrastructure seriously. When cities are planning charging infrastructure, they choose to locate chargers at places vehicles are generally parked for a few hours, but not left overnight, finding places city employees, residents, and visitors can charge easily. City centers often make convenient locations, as do places people visit regularly like

Alleviate Range Anxiety and Charge Faster with the IQ 200

According to The Drive, one of the most common reasons potential customers cite for not buying an EV is fear their car will not be able to complete a journey to their destination or a suitable charging station and will instead leave the driver stranded roadside. Commonly referred to as “range anxiety,” this fear of