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Charging Your Electric Car in an Apartment Complex

Soon, “Do you have EV charging stations?” is going to become a standard question when hunting for apartments. After all, why would electric vehicle owners want to live somewhere that doesn’t allow them to charge their vehicles? It’s kind of an important thing when you own one. Especially since 80% of EV charging is done

Fact or Fiction: Electric Vehicle Charging in 2022

The world is going electric.  Governments around the world are mandating an end to petroleum-based vehicles, and the sprint towards an all-electric future is on. Sales of EVs are projected to top 10 million worldwide by 2025. Now is a great time to go over what is fact versus fiction for electric vehicle charging. Charging

Earth Day and the Importance of Green Energy

Earth Day is a celebration of our planet. In this celebration, we acknowledge the future of green technology is not only healthier for the planet and its residents, but more high-tech than more archaic, higher polluting options. Earth Day and Green Tech Industrialization has caused worldwide pollution, but we all know creating easier solutions to

Electric School Buses: Are the Advantages Real?

Electric school buses have become a hot commodity for school districts and parents. Some states have promised to invest in school bus electrification within the next five years, while others have not yet shown interest. EV buses cost much less to maintain and fuel. Replacing multiple buses can represent significant long-term savings for school districts.

Electric Vehicles Could be your Solution to the Current Gas Prices

The simple act of driving with an ICE (internal combustion engine) is getting more expensive. Gas prices are at nearly their highest point in history, and some owners of larger vehicles are ready to trade them in for vehicles with better gas mileage. Plenty of drivers, however, are looking at a more permanent option –

The Truth about the Future of EVs

Are EVs as popular as people think? Will their market share continue to grow? Are EVs here to stay? The truth is that EVs are popular and getting more so. A poll conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Volvo Car USA released the results that 74% of consumers believe EVs are the future.