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The Average Charger Speed vs. The IQ 200

There is nothing else on the market like the Blink IQ 200. Blink designed an 80-amp charger to be installed on a 100-amp circuit; Level 2 charging does not get any faster than this. The physical equipment is already capable of offering far more amps than new many new EVs need. The Porsche Taycan has

Electric Ambulances: Are They Really Being Manufactured and When Will They Be at a Hospital Near You?

Electric fleets are not a new idea, and many businesses are replacing their fleets with greener models that cost far less to run and maintain. Any business which owns and operates its fleet knows that having ready and reliable vehicles is key for operational success. Fleet businesses need to plan their transportation ahead of time,

The Personal Health Benefits of EVs

We all know EVs are better for the health of the environment, but did you know they’re also better for the health of us humans? October is Health Awareness Month, and at Blink, we’re celebrating the health benefits of electric vehicles. Air pollution kills a shocking 7 million people a year, according to the World

Different Types of Charging

Level One, Level Two, DC Fast….what? Confused? It’s easier than it sounds. If you’re not quite sure what level of charging is for you, don’t worry, Blink has you covered. There are two basic types of AC charging: Level One and Level Two, and the primary difference between them is how much power they can

What Will Happen to Your Charger When 2G is Deactivated? Blink Has You Covered

Technology is always moving forward. You’ve probably heard a lot about different cellular signals, like 4G and 5G. Many cellular signal providers have shut down their 2G service as it’s not relevant for most customers anymore. Due to the change, older cellular devices must be retired. This change will affect every device that connects to

EVSE Return on Investment for Business: Blink Can Help You Increase Profits Faster

Many businesses across the country have installed electric vehicle chargers and are adding extra chargers as EVs become more common. Before investing in anything, most businesses want to know they will make a profit beforehand. The closest most businesses can come to assessing their ability to make a profit is to figure out the “ROI.”