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10 New EVs Racing into the Market in 2024

This year, a variety of new electric vehicles will make their debut on production lines and roads. Whether you’re in the market for high-performance vehicles, budget-friendly options for newcomers to the EV scene, or even a unique three-wheeled model, there’s something to suit everyone’s needs. Here are 10 of the EVs that our team is

Demand Response Management for EVs

The accelerating shift towards sustainable lifestyles has fueled the adoption of electric vehicles as a primary mode of daily transportation. In 2023, Kelley Blue Book reported an unprecedented purchase of 1,189,051 electric vehicles in the United States alone, while global EV sales are projected to range between 9.6 million and 14 million battery electric vehicles

How Government Incentives Help Convenience Stores Install Electric Vehicle Chargers

The United States Interstate Highway System is often referred to as the “greatest public works project in American history.” Now the US is undertaking another public works project that rivals the Interstate system: a nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charging network that stretches to every corner of the country and is able to support an anticipated

How Safe Are EVs for Fleets?

Many fleet owners and operators are interested in reducing operational and maintenance costs with electric vehicles (EVs), but they worry about vehicle safety. When you are used to one technology, how do you prepare for the next one? The fact is that EVs are just as safe as internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and, in

How Automotive Dealerships Can Save Money with Battery Energy Storage

Automotive dealerships must prioritize upgrading their electric infrastructure to support the anticipated increase in electric vehicle (EV) sales, projected to reach 2.5 million per year in 2028. The U.S. federal government is actively facilitating EV adoption, aiming to simplify the purchasing process for consumers, encourage companies to electrify their fleets, and assist businesses in installing

How Electric Vehicles Help You Prolong the Life of Your Fleet

When considering electric vehicles for a commercial or government fleet, fleet owners and managers must always ask, “How much will this cost?” Fleet managers try to prolong the working lives of their vehicles with regular maintenance and efficient usage. Regardless of the vehicle drivetrain, all light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles will eventually need maintenance or