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Truck Stops and Travel Plazas: Bringing EV Chargers to Travelers

EV Charging stations are appearing everywhere. According to the Bloomberg Report’s “Electric Vehicle Outlook”, industry insiders expect 57% of vehicles on the road to be EVs by 2050. That is a huge number, but the popularity of EVs rises every year. Nearly 2 million new EVs will be on the road this year, when just

New to EVs And Want to Learn More About Charging? Here Are the Basics

 Powered by batteries, there are many different kinds of EVs and there are different ways to charge them as well. There are slower chargers and faster chargers, chargers that come with the EV, chargers for home use, and chargers for business, chargers which require the car to convert alternating current (AC) into direct Current (DC)

Early Development Planning Can Save Businesses Green When Installing Chargers

As EVs become more and more popular, the number of public garages that want to install EV vehicle chargers grows every day. As businesses begin to build their charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, it is important to know what charging infrastructure costs are, and just as importantly, where to cut costs. The benefits of going

Electrifying Summer Vacations: EV Chargers in State Parks and Rec Centers

When cities are planning charging infrastructure, they choose to locate chargers at places vehicles are generally parked for a few hours, finding places city employees, residents, and visitors can charge easily. City centers often make convenient locations, as do libraries, superstores, movie theaters, and highway exits. Currently, the Biden administration is meeting with corporation leaders,

Weather and EVs: How to Enjoy Your EV All Summer Long

Extreme weather can affect EV performance. Most EV drivers know that cold weather can cause range loss in electric vehicles, and that running the heater can make the loss greater. But most drivers don’t consider the effect of hot weather. Extreme temperatures of any kind can have a detrimental effect on an EV, causing range

Can Teslas Charge on a Regular Level 2 Charger? A DCFC? It’s All About the Adapter

It’s all about the adapter. If you’re a Tesla driver and confused about what you need to charge without a Tesla Supercharger, you’re not alone. Plenty of incorrect information travels online and by word of mouth, leaving drivers wondering what’s possible and what’s not. The frustration is over. Blink has the down-low on every kind