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Getting from Point A to Point B: EVs and the Hospitality Industry

Transportation will be getting more and more attention as we all begin to return to society and to work as Covid vaccinations rise. Beyond local trips, those who drive cross-country for work and a tired population ready to go vacation will all factor into changes in the transportation and hospitality industries. Public Transportation Use is

Drivers Can Use the Fastest Chargers to “Top Off” an EV, But Should They?

There are times that an EV driver may need to “top off” their car quickly and get on the road fast, whether they’re faced with a long drive across town or the country, or maybe they have an emergency and don’t have hours to invest in charging. When you need to be on the road

Bringing an Electric Future to Rural America

Everyone knows EVs abound in major cities like NYC, and in ones with warmer climates like Los Angeles and Miami, which already have charging station infrastructures. Introducing EVs into rural areas has been more difficult. There are many reasons rural communities have been unable to fully embrace electric vehicles, from driving distance to lack of

How Choosing the Right Location For Your EVSE Can Save Money

Once a facility has decided to install EVSE, they usually try to find the least expensive route. It may not be clear to facilities managers that location of the equipment has a great deal to do with the overall price of installation. How close to the power source the equipment is and whether spots are

Providing EV Dealerships with All the Information to Install EVSE

According to, results of a survey show that nearly three in four U.S. drivers believe electric vehicles are “the future of driving.” It’s closer to 79% among EV drivers. According to Clean Technica, EVs could reach a 70% year-over-year increase, with sales increasing to 585,375 in 2021 from 345,285 in 2020, while international sales

How EVs are Better For the Environment and For People Too

Since EVs hit the mainstream in the early 2000s, some have questioned the environmentally friendly label EV manufacturers claim. Opponents point out that some pollution still comes from the process of their manufacture, and that no vehicle is perfect. EVs, however, are better for the environment than ICE vehicles because fully electric vehicles have no