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Blink Powers Wherever Life Takes You With EV Charging Stations

Charging more than electric vehicles, Blink is electrifying imaginations with innovative EV charging solutions.

Transforming The Way The World Refuels.


EV Charging For Everyone

Blink is on a mission to make EV charging reliable, convenient, and accessible for everyone across the globe. 

Turning Everyday Locations Into Charging Destinations.


Become an EV Charging Destination

Blink is changing the way we fuel our vehicles, turning parking spots into charging locations. 

Creating A Cleaner, Greener World For All.


We’re Charging Towards A Better Tomorrow

Sustainability isn’t just a responsibility, it’s a collective passion that unites us as a company.

So Where Do You Want To Go Next?

Blink is the all-in-one stop for EV charging, including turnkey solutions. Let's get started!

Commercial EV Chargers

Chargers for any business, of any size. To prepare any location – from public to private, from hotels to workplaces, apartments to condos – Blink Charging offers solutions that are fast, reliable, and ready for the future.

Turnkey EV Charging Services

Blink is here to guide you every step of the way with custom, scalable, EV infrastructure plans for your site and maintenance plans to ensure your programs run smoothly from start to finish.

Residential EV Chargers

Blink Charging offers fast and reliable home charging solutions that are innovative and put the drivers first. We pride ourselves in having forward-thinking solutions ready to install today.

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How do EV charging stations work?

Electric charging stations function by converting power from the electrical grid to direct current that electric vehicles use. DC fast chargers, which allow quick charging in minutes using higher voltages and wattages, are only available at public stations. 

Drivers plug their vehicles into the electric vehicle charging stations, which deliver power to the vehicle's battery charging system. When done, drivers unplug so the next EV can charge up from the ever-flowing grid power supply. Home stations wire directly into the home's electrical system.

Answers to your questions when installing ev chargers.

Are EV charging stations worth it?

Yes, due to all the long-term benefits. See below for the three primary reasons EV charging stations are worthwhile.

  1. Preparing for the future: As more people embrace electric vehicles, electric charging infrastructure will be necessary, and businesses that install stations will position themselves for future success. EVs are here to stay.

  2. Reduced energy costs: EVs are cheaper than gas vehicles, saving fleet operators money on fuel.

  3. Customer retention/attraction: Having an electric charging station works to attract and retain customers, as EV drivers frequently visit places with convenient charging stations. 

Can owning an EV charging station profitable?

Owning an EV charging station can be a profitable business opportunity as it has recurring revenue streams. Offering an EV charging solutionprovides profit from charging fees. 

As the EV market continues expanding to meet consumer demand and sustainability goals, more EV drivers will need access to a commercial charging station, increasing the volume of fees an EV charging station collects. Locating stations in busy areas like coffee shops, restaurants, convenience stores, and malls is a great strategy to enhance an EV charging experience, contribute to sustainable transportation and make more profits.

Why should I consider installing an EV charging station?

One important reason to install an electric vehicle charging station is to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by supporting clean energy options. Then, as EV adoption increases, you’ll be ahead of the curve by offering electric vehicle charging availability for customers. By providing charging, you can generate income from fees, subscriptions, advertising, or premium parking. Any place with EV charging stations makes more profits as charging drives more foot traffic and spending at shopping centers and parks.


What factors should I consider when choosing an EV charging station?

When choosing electric car charging stations, consider the following factors:

  • Intended location

  • Desired charging speeds

  • Number of ports you’ll need

  • Maximum power output 

  • Payment options 

  • Safety certifications

  • Equipment warranties, service, and support

Considerations for installing EV charging stations at your location.

What types of EV charging stations do you offer?

At Blink, we offer electric vehicle charging station products for commercial and residential use. For commercial properties, we offer Level 2 charging stations and DC fast chargers. Why should you consider a Level 2 charging station?

We also have residential ev chargers like the Blink HQ 200 home charging station with innovative EV charging capabilities you can use at home, and it can be installed indoors or outdoors. Our products provide Level 2 and DC fast charging capabilities in various form factors like pedestals, wall mounts, and mobile units.

Is any maintenance required for EV charging stations?

Yes, maintenance is required for electric cars’ charging stations to ensure proper and safe operation and reduce downtime. Ways of maintaining EV charge stations include cleaning connectors or ports to remove debris. It’s also best to inspect ports for loose connections and faults and perform software updates to optimize performance. 

What support services do you offer?

Blink provides 24/7 customer support through multiple channels to address any questions. We also install new equipment, perform maintenance and repair, and perform remote monitoring to maintain functionality. 

Additional services include over-the-air software updates and training resources for customers and partners. Blink aims to offer a reliable EV charging experience with around-the-clock assistance.

Blink offers turnkey EV charging services through installation, maintenance and support to keep your charging stations running the way they should for longer.

Ready to start designing your ideal EV Charging solution?

Learn how to use EV charging stations to attract new customers and increase duration and frequency of visits at your business.