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Blink's Community Impact in Arizona and Maryland

Posted 03/28/2024

The International Energy Agency estimates that one out of every five new vehicles purchased globally is an EV. And an estimated 26-35 million charging ports will be needed to support the projected 30-42 million EVs on the road by 2030.

Demand for EV charging station deployment has never been higher. However, to install EV chargers across the country, we must begin with the fundamentals: workforce development. Rapid EV adoption requires significant outreach to universities, technical colleges, and other educational institutions to prepare Americans for the exciting job opportunities available in the EV sector.

Blink is here to help local communities get ready. 

With more than 250 employees in the United States, Blink directly supports the growth of EVs, businesses, and investment from coast to coast. Our workforce is based at facilities in Tempe, Arizona and Bowie, Maryland. Through our ongoing expansion initiatives, we invest in the American electric vehicle industry to ensure its success and guide it in the right direction.

It’s not just about providing charging infrastructure for local businesses. Through strategic partnerships, community involvement, and a focus on economic benefits, Blink aims to bring jobs, growth, and reliability to communities where our employees live and work.


Testing and Assembly in Tempe, AZ

At Blink's facility in Tempe, Arizona, over 50 employees concentrate on every aspect of EV infrastructure technology from testing, customization, and final assembly to real-time monitoring of our installed chargers. Going the extra mile, Blink conducts daily testing and configuration of over 150 products in our spacious 24,000 square-foot facility. This Arizona-based facility also houses our dedicated customer and network operations teams that provide troubleshooting services for chargers nationwide. This ensures that our products manufactured in America can be efficiently serviced and, if necessary, replaced by a local workforce. 

Our primary focus is on establishing a reliable charging network and ensuring the dependability of our chargers. We actively collaborate with local communities, both to provide them with access to chargers and to ensure the reliability of these charging stations.

Our commitment to economic development and sustainability in Arizona has recently been recognized by Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, Tempe Mayor Corey Woods, and Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego among other elected officials. These community-elected leaders toured our facilities to gain insights into the growing EV charging industry in Arizona and to learn about Blink's role in contributing to the local economy.

Manufacturing in Bowie, MD

Blink has successfully contracted, sold, or deployed over 89,000 chargers in over 20 countries. Many of these chargers are produced in the United States at Blink's facility in Bowie, Maryland, where we manufacture advanced Level 2 home and commercial chargers, providing over 50 jobs. 

Excitingly, Blink has expanded its manufacturing facility in Bowie. To achieve this, we are introducing new technologies and manufacturing processes. The focus is on increasing efficiency, capability, and output speed while maintaining high-quality standards. Several new technologies and practices are being introduced in the new facility as part of Blink's Maryland Manufacturing 4.0 industry strategy.

Currently, the manufacturing process involves significant manual oversight to ensure each product meets Blink's quality standards. However, in line with our advanced manufacturing strategy, we are implementing the following technologies to enhance efficiency:

  • Use of the Pico MES tool to gather data more effectively at each step of the assembly process.

  • Adoption of Workday to improve supply chain management.

  • Integration of NetSuite, Pico MES, and Workday to provide better visibility into customer order progress.

  • Enhancement of capabilities and visibility within NetSuite.

Investing in America

 Blink is proud to be a Buy America-compliant EV charging company. This means that Blink is investing  in communities across the U.S., promoting job creation and economic growth.

 The federal government's commitment to building a nationwide network of 500,000 EV chargers aims to achieve a 50% transition to EVs in new car sales by 2030. Implementing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law entails significant investments in EV charging, clean transportation, and EV-related components, reflecting a growing EV industry that’s increasingly made in America. 

The EV market not only supports local businesses but also aligns with American investment goals, advocated by Blink.

Discover more about our local expansions here.

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