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How Will EVs Change Convenience Stores and Truck Stops?

Posted 06/08/2023

Electric vehicles (EVs) are set to revolutionize every aspect of American life, and that includes convenience stores and truck stops, especially those along the United States federal highway system. With federal EV sales goals of 50% in 2030, it pays to start investing in electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) for your convenience store or truck stop today. Here are five reasons why convenience stores and truck stops should be thinking about EV charging this year. 

1. EV chargers are an additional revenue source

Installing EV charging equipment at your convenience store or truck stop means you can collect fees from drivers for charging their vehicles. This could be especially lucrative if your store is in a rural area and/or along a major thoroughfare.    While the NEVI program will increase the EV charging network in the United States, public locations are needed to fill in the gaps. This is why it’s a fantastic time for convenience stores and truck stops to step up while diversifying their revenue sources.

2. EV chargers can help you attract more customers

When you install EV charging infrastructure at your business, it’s not just selling the electricity to drivers. While those drivers are powering up their vehicle batteries, they are going to need snacks, drinks, and other items you sell at your shop. EV drivers are essentially a captive audience while they are waiting for their vehicles to charge. Since they’re already at your business, this increases the chances of them spending money in your store. EV charging stations are an opportunity to package your store or truck stop’s services. Consider offering a discount on charging combined with a meal or a car wash.  

3. EV chargers can boost your corporate image

Another way that EV charging equipment installation helps your business is by improving your corporate reputation. In one survey of senior retail executives and consumers conducted by First Insight and the Baker Retailing Center at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, 72% of consumers said that a company’s sustainability initiatives were a “very or somewhat important purchase consideration.” Providing EV charging equipment is one of the easiest ways to convey your company’s dedication to sustainability and attract sustainability-focused customers.   EV charging stations may also allow you to tap into government funding for sustainability initiatives. Does your business have a corporate sustainability strategy? EV chargers can also help your business with gaining LEED certification points and carbon credits. Having EV chargers at your convenience store or truck stop – especially if it’s the only one in the area – will also garner a reputation as “the one with the EV chargers,” meaning it will be the go-to destination for EV drivers. 

4. EV chargers add you to driver apps

Speaking of being a go-to charging destination, with the Blink Network, you can add your EV chargers to leading driver applications. There are numerous tools that track the locations of public EV charging stations, including Google Maps, Apple Maps, PlugShare, and select vehicle navigation systems. When you install a Blink Charging station, your business will be added to the Blink Charging Network and drivers will be able to use the Blink Charging Mobile App to locate the charger and your business.  

5. EV chargers help you stay ahead of the curve

As drivers switch from gas to electric vehicles, convenience stores, gas stations, and truck stops must adapt to meet the moment. While most drivers will depend on workplace and residential chargers for daily charging, public locations like truck stops and convenience stores will continue to support travelers and truck drivers. Installing EV charging stations now ensures your business remains competitive in the changing market.    The good news is that you may choose to install several chargers now, and prepare additional parking spots with “make ready infrastructure” to expand your business’ charging capabilities at a later date. Site preparation can help you future-proof your property and save money on future installations. A Blink Charging sales manager can help you conduct an EV charging site assessment to ascertain the best course of action for present and future installation. 


Convenience stores and truck stops will play a central role in the United States’ transition to a more sustainable transportation network. By installing EV charging equipment now, you can be ready for the near future when most of the vehicles on the road will be electric. Contact Blink Charging now to learn more about our EV charging solutions & to schedule your site assessment. Get started today!  

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