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EV Etiquette for Electric Vehicle Owners

Posted 04/04/2020

We all know good manners go a long way and following these basic guidelines will make you the most popular EV driver in the garage.

Charging Spots Are for Charging

As obvious as it seems, cars which are not being actively charged should not be parked in a charging space. Once your car is finished charging, move it as soon as you can so the next driver can use it. While few mind waiting 10 minutes, leaving your charged car in a space for hours won’t earn you any points with other EV drivers. Some driver apps can create online waiting lists so it’s obvious when each driver’s turn is up.

Don’t Linger

Some drivers consider charging spots to be parking spots for EV drivers. They are not, and it is not okay to use them as such whether you used the charger today or not. Keep in mind also that when batteries reach 80% charge or higher, they charge much more slowly. Keeping another driver waiting to “top off” the battery is considered rude.

Don’t Unplug Other Vehicles

On the other hand, it’s also considered impolite to unplug the vehicles of other drivers, even if their car has been there a long time. Exceptions? If you’re 100% sure the car is charged and you’re desperate. A car has been parked there all day, you’re at 10%, and have an emergency? Unplug them and use the charger. Another exception is if the car has a sticker on it that says it can be unplugged. Putting these stickers or signs on your car is an excellent way to maintain good will if you know you’re likely to forget to unplug your car right away.

Leave the Charging Station Tidy

Don’t leave charging cords laying on the ground; instead, wind them up and put the plug back where it belongs—even if you didn’t find it that way. Cords on the ground present a tripping hazard, which is dangerous for other drivers and a pedestrians and a potential liability for the station host. Don’t leave litter, such as cans and snack bags around the charger. Remember, you purchased an EV partly because it’s good for the environment!

Be Helpful to Other EV Drivers

Tipping off other drivers about the location of chargers, how busy they are, the rate charged, and parking fees is considered good form. Apps like PlugShare gather this information and share it with users. Unfortunately, the most common posts on these sites are complaints about drivers breaking rule one! Be courteous and unplug your car when it is charged.

Be a Good Neighbor

If the charger is in a neighborhood, you are now part of the neighborhood. Blaring radios, yelling, screaming, and loud conversations around charging stations are likely to rub neighbors the wrong way, especially after 9 pm. So is leaving a mess behind. Such actions will result in complaints, and a large number of complaints may result in the charger being removed. Driving an EV and doing good for the environment doesn’t give anyone the right to be rude. Remember, etiquette is important for everyone and being a team player never goes out of style. With these rules in mind, you’ll be an EV owner that others are happy to park next to. Ready, set, charge!

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