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Truck Stops and Travel Plazas: Bringing EV Chargers to Travelers

Posted 07/28/2021

EV Charging stations are appearing everywhere. According to the Bloomberg Report’s “Electric Vehicle Outlook”, industry insiders expect 57% of vehicles on the road to be EVs by 2050. That is a huge number, but the popularity of EVs rises every year. Nearly 2 million new EVs will be on the road this year, when just a few years ago, only a couple of thousand new EVs were on the road each year. EVs are the future of automobiles, and many drivers are already eager for more charging stations. Travel plazas and truck stops are the newest locations to add EV chargers to their sustainability efforts. NATSO (the National Associate of Truck Stop Operators) is eager to bring EV stations to trucks stops all over the country . Blink Charging can bring more chargers to more travel plazas and truck stops. The organization wrote a letter to the president detailing 6 steps that will help build EV infrastructure nationwide, including trust in science and technology and encouraging private-investment. There’s no question truck stops and travel plazas are going to play a vital role in sustainable transportation, bringing new technology to more places including rural areas, and making it easier for EV drivers to get back on the road. Own a truck stop or travel plaza and thinking about adding EV chargers, but have questions? Blink has you covered.

1—Why would I want to install chargers at my truck stop if I already offer gasoline?

When we think about it, adding EV chargers to travel plazas is intuitive. Human beings are creatures of habit and we already know where to go to get fueled up—gas stations. It makes logical sense to offer charging stations, gas, and diesel all at the same location. In time, as more chargers and fewer gas pumps are needed, the space for the chargers is already available. Your truck stop can charge for electricity and use of the charger, adding a new source of income that doesn’t require lots of workhours to maintain. 40% of Americans are thinking about purchasing an EV for their next vehicle. Be ready for the future by offering EV charging.

2—Are EV chargers expensive?

The price of the chargers/installation is individual and will be dependent on many things, such as the type of charger and how many you’re installing. Blink offers many business plans to suit your needs, including plans in which we pay for the charger and the installation.

3—Will I need to rewire?

That depends on the charger and your current electrical capacity. You may need to upgrade your electrical infrastructure if you're planning to install multiple Level 2 chargers or a DC fast charger.

4—Can I really make money from offering EV charging?

First, determine the amount being charged for use and electricity consumed. Most people prefer to pay with a credit card, so being credit card compatible is important. This is much easier with the Blink Network that can help you set up everything from charging services to operating hours. Since it does take time to recharge, stores and restaurants nearby, especially those in your facility, will also benefit from the chargers. Wraparound signage on the charger itself can be used to advertise your brand and get the most out of the customer’s time at the charger.

5—Is it possible to get rebates and incentives to install chargers?

Yes! Always check federal, state, and local tax initiatives and rebates to see if you can get money back for your purchase.  Check out evcharging for rebates by state and new federal initiatives.

6—What if I only want to install a few chargers now, but keep the door open to installing more if needed?

There are plenty of ways to save money in the future by development planning. If you want to install 8 chargers now, plan for 16. Trench for 16 stations and make sure your electric panel is ready for 16 chargers. This will add a tiny amount to the current bill, but save a lot when you install more chargers and find most of the expensive work is already done. Join NATSO in leading sustainability efforts, and make money for your business by adopting EV chargers at your location.

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