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Which Auto Manufacturers Are Joining the EV World This Year?

Posted 01/13/2022

This year, many auto manufacturers are introducing new EVs to their line-up, but what’s even more exciting is that some manufacturers are getting into the EV game for the first time, while others have vowed to produce only EVs by 2030.

Luxury Brands Joining the EV World

At the top of the list is Cadillac and their highly anticipated Lyriq SUV. Cadillac has stayed practically out of the EV world until now, but the brand plans to fully transition all vehicles. Starting in 2022, all new Cadillac vehicles will be electric, and they expect to be selling no ICEV by 2030. The Lyriq’s dominant feature is a 33-inch display panel, similar to the Escalade. While the vehicle has around the same dimensions as the Cadillac XT6, it looks entirely different. Gone is the square shape of a truck; instead, the vehicle is significantly lower and longer, resembling a cross between an SUV and the extinct large, long cars of the past, back when a big Cadillac was the ultimate luxury. This makes the EV particularly aerodynamic, the familiar shape may present a compromise they’re willing to make, getting more generations into EVs. Cadillac isn’t alone in moving to only electric vehicles. Volvo and Mercedes have also made the vow to produce only EVs by 2030. Genesis has also introduced their first EV this year. The new, niche luxury brand, leadership has turned their minds to sustainability luxury, creating the GV60. It boasts an ultra-fast charging system. The battery can handle a charge from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes, making it an ideal vehicle for DC fast chargers and the ultra-fast chargers on the horizon. Subsidiaries of Tata Motors, venerable English brands Land Rover and Jaguar, are also planning for EVs. Jaguar already has the I-Pace, which has been Tesla’s greatest competition. The first electric Land Rover will roll off the assembly line in 2024, possibly sooner. All in all, a total of six new electric Land Rovers are expected and an entire new Jaguar EV lineup. A newer version of the I-Pace is coming soon too.

Electric Vehicles are for Everyone

Mazda is also introducing its first EV this year. Their MX-30 SUV debuts cross-country in 2022. Mazda is returning to its famous rotary engine design, with fewer moving parts than a normal combustion engine. The traditional rotary design had a hard time meeting emissions standards, but this new design will debut in the MX-30 EV. Consumer Reports predicts its low 100-mile range may make it less popular than other EVs in its class, especially in colder climates, but those with Miata-nostalgia may be eager to see a new version of the rotary engine. Meanwhile, Subaru has announced its entrance into the electric vehicle market with the Solterra, its first global market EV. The model is the result of a joint venture between Subaru and Toyota. The electric car will be produced in Japan and China in all-electric Toyota facilities. The name “Solterra”, a combination of “sun” and “earth” is intended to send an environmental message. Another economy vehicle, the third EV in the Hyundai Group, the Kia 6 is coming out this year. The visually appealing Kia 6 features over 300 miles of range, and all-matte black paint job and tires, making it look more like a luxury vehicle than a budget-family SUV. The EV is supposed to debut at $45,000, making it a challenge to the Tesla 3. This year promises to bring several manufacturers into the EV world, and some have promised to produce only EVs in the future. Other brands which already had EVs as part of their line-up, are introducing more vehicles, many for reasonable prices, good news for consumers in 2022. With so many EVs hitting the roads, affordable home chargers like the newly released HQ 200, and a whole new robust lineup of Blink commercial and fleet solutions, the future is bright for the EV world.

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