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Why Do Some Chargers Never Get Fixed?

Posted 04/08/2020

EV drivers are always looking for the best place to charge up, and can sometimes be frustrating to find broken, nonoperational, or missing EV equipment. It’s natural to blame the company that makes the equipment for not maintaining their own product, but it’s not always the choice of the EVSE manufacturer for equipment to remain broken. The type of business model our clients are interested in can affect whether our equipment stays in good repair or not.

Blink Owned EVSE

In the first of our business models, we own and operate the EVSE. We manage installation, maintenance, and related services, sharing a portion of the charging equipment’s revenue with the property owner. The equipment in this business model is our responsibility to maintain and upkeep. If a customer or operations team are made aware of broken equipment and our client chose this business model at the time of installation, Blink is responsible and immediately schedules repair of the equipment. We work with the host location, local technicians, and our network operations center to quickly repair or replace the equipment. In fact, in 2019 Blink repaired or replaced 1,923 units. When possible, Blink replaces older, first-generation equipment with the fast-new IQ 200 for an improved customer and client experience.


Units Repaired or Replaced by Blink in 2019

Host-Owned EVSE

Alternatively, some of our clients choose to purchase the equipment themselves, making them host-owned. Because the charger is owned by the property owner, the property owner is responsible for maintenance and upkeep. Blink works with them to ensure the chargers are fully operational; however, if the owner does not want to fix the equipment, it might be found to be inoperable.

When Host-Owned Equipment Breaks

When the host has purchased the equipment, it is owned wholly by them and is the sole responsibility of the owner. If something fails on the equipment, Blink notifies them and tries to work with them to make the unit operational, but it is entirely up to the host location to act. If they do not want to fix the equipment, Blink cannot insist or force them to make any particular decision with their own equipment. When Blink is alerted of a location not operating or receives comments from customers about broken chargers, and they are host-owned, we take every possible measure to work with the host to get the units operational and repaired. Frequently, Blink even offers to replace the old equipment with new! However, some hosts may not wish to do so. If you’re frustrated by neglected equipment, commenting to the proprietor that you would be more likely to be a consistent customer if the equipment was usable might be helpful. Blink repairs or replaces equipment whenever and wherever possible. When we own the equipment, we get it operational immediately. Blink wants every piece of equipment with our name on it to be in the best possible condition, and running well, but if the equipment belongs to someone else, the decision to repair it is theirs.

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