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Q-park appoints Blink Charging as Europe-Wide charge point operator

Posted 01/09/2024

Q-Park is a leading European parking owner-operator with over 677,000 parking spaces in over 3,400 facilities. They arrived in the UK in 2001 and are now one of the UK’s leading car park companies with over 70 parking facilities housing some 50,000 parking spaces in key locations in the UK with over 15 million visitors every year. They are renowned throughout Europe for their unparalleled quality in parking from superb exterior and interior design through to outstanding customer service, making Q-Park a strong, highly respected, and thoroughly trusted national and international brand.

The Vision

“Q-Park’s aim is to be the best at what we do, as a city centre parking operator, we want to have the best network of EV points to support our patrons and the ongoing battle to reduce carbon emissions.” Adam Bidder, Managing Director, Q-Park UK & Ireland

What Q-Park Did

Q-Park already had some EV charging units across some sites, operated by multiple Charge Point Operators. These sites had very old hardware and infrastructure to be added on an ad hoc basis. Initially, providing EV charging was seen as a nice-to-have service, but as the market has developed, and with the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol or diesel cars and vans, Q-Park saw it as a key next step to provide charging across all sites. To address this transition Q-Park undertook a detailed, organisation-wide consultation process, to assess how they could bring all EV chargers under control and be able to manage them through one single CPO. Blink was chosen to be the CPO across Q-Park due to its global presence and ability to work collaboratively across all locations.

The Solution

As part of Blink’s global offering, we proposed a full, end-to-end turnkey solution from planning to installing and operating for Q-Park in the UK and Ireland. We selected and sourced the Single Pro Line 22KW EV charger hardware, managed the installation through our in-house engineering team and set a standard to future-proof the facilities for changing needs. This was offered in the form of innovative payment solutions for car park patrons, including contactless and RFID payment options, in addition to the Blink Charging mobile app. Having a single CPO for all their EV charger operation, management and maintenance was one of Q-Park’s key requirements. Blink Charging offers this with our in-house client services and support team who provide comprehensive client reporting giving a true reflection of charger utilisation..


Our load management system controls the power distribution across all EV charging points and vehicles, improving the efficiency of the hardware within the building’s available power capacity. Our installation also accommodates extension to add multiple units as demand grows. As a leading parking owner-operator across Europe, Q-Park intends to continue growing and expanding its EV offering to match the change in the market and attract EV drivers. Working with Blink Charging will allow them to manage the need for new innovative EV solutions while targeting the drivers directly providing the best service possible.

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