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Looking for the right charging solution?Discover Blink

EV charging solutions for property owners

Upgrade your property with a desired amenity

Keep EV drivers coming and revenue streaming, boosting property value in the process.

Blink Charging - EQ 200 - Office Commercial Real Estate

The benefits of EV charging for office & commercial real estate

Attract and retain business

EV charging shifts from amenity to necessity. Lead the way, drawing in and retaining EV-driving tenants and customers.

Maximize revenue

Turn your parking lot into a valuable source of additional income. Invest in your own charging station and reap the profit.

Increase property value

EV charging infrastructure upgrades your property’s market value. Capture the attention of forward-thinking buyers or renters.

Lead the charge

With electric driving on the rise, more EV charging regulations are imminent. Blink helps you stay ahead of the curve as a real estate innovator.

EV charging solutions for office real estate

With Blink, you get reliable chargers and dedicated support. Discover the right solution for your office property.

Recommended business model

Host Owned

Invest in your own chargers and reap the profit

With Host Owned, you finance the entire EV charging project, from on-site preparations and hardware to the installation. As a result, you get to choose your own tariffs. You will also reap the profit, minus a small fee for our continued and reliable service.


  • You take care of the funding

  • We take care of everything else, with a turnkeyinstallation and continued maintenance and support

  • You collect the revenue

Blink Charging - EQ 200 - Office Commercial Real Estate

EV charging solutions for commercial real estate

With Blink, you get reliable chargers and dedicated support. Discover the right solution for your commercial property.

Recommended business model

Hybrid Owned

Split the cost and share the profit

Depending on the type of chargers you want to provide, EV charging can come with a significant investment. Lean on Blink to help with funding. Whether you want to go fifty-fifty or explore a more tailor-made solution: we’ll explore the options together.


  • We jointly invest in your EV charging infrastructure

  • Blink gets an agreed upon percentage of the revenue

  • We provide a turnkey installation and continued maintenance and support

    Other flexible business models
    Want to fully invest in your own chargers? 
    Explore Host Owned

    Want to lease your operation through a financial party? 
    Explore Charging-as-a-Service 

5 reasons to power up your office & commercial real estate

For property owners, the electric driving revolution comes charged with opportunities. Dive into the five biggest reasons to add EV charging to your real estate.