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Looking for the right charging solution?Discover Blink

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Hybrid Owned business model

Share the investment in your EV charging solution

Join forces with Blink. Split the cost and share the profit in this highly customizable model.

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Hybrid Owned explained

All the benefits of EV charging with half the investment

Depending on the type of chargers you want to provide, EV charging can come with a significant investment. Lean on Blink to help with financing. We design a tailored business solution for your project, splitting the cost and sharing the revenue.

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Blink Charging - EQ 200 - Office Commercial Real Estate
Detailed overview

Make an informed decision. Explore what’s included in the Hybrid Owned business model.

What you get with Hybrid Owned

Pre-installation costHost
Installation cost Blink
Hardware cost Blink
Energy contract Blink / Host
Charging revenue Shared
WarrantyBlink for contract period
Extended warranty N/A
Omnium Maintenance Blink
ContractLong Term
Connectivity cost Blink
Customer service 24/7 Yes
Guest charging Yes
Charge cards /
Recommended industriesORE, CRE, Government, MFH, Hospitality

We recommend Hybrid Owned for…


With the growing adoption of EVs, providing reliable public charging is key for governments. Blink helps you with city-wide charging networks, both on- and off-street.

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Not what you’re looking for?

Explore Blink’s other flexible business models and find the right fit for your location.

Host Owned

Fully invest in your charging station, choose your own tariffs and reap the profit.

Blink Owned

Let Blink cover all costs of your EV charging solution and offer a desired service without the investment.

Charging- as-a-Service

Lease your EV charging infrastructure through a financial party.

Turnkey installation

All the benefits without the hassle

Whatever business model you prefer, we always offer an all-in-one solution. We take everything out of your hands, from technical inspections and on-site preparations to installation, maintenance and customer support. You can simply lean back while EV drivers plug in and charge.

Maintenance & support

We keep your station charged

Once your charging station is in use, count on Blink for continued maintenance & support. We monitor the performance and uptime of your chargers while addressing any potential issues on-site. Any questions? Your dedicated Blink project manager is happy to answer them. Drivers using your charging station can rely on 24/7 customer support.