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Blink Charging Announces Aric Ohana Appointed President of its Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Blink Mobility

Posted 09/05/2023

Appointment comes as EV car-sharing services increase and bring more drivers to choose electric transportation.

Miami Beach, Fla. (Sept 5, 2023) - Blink Charging Co. (NASDAQ: BLNK) (“Blink” or the “Company”), a leading global manufacturer, owner, operator and provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and services, today announced that, effective August 25, 2023, it has appointed Aric Ohana as President of Blink Mobility, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blink Charging, a provider of affordable and clean transportation alternatives (Blink Mobility). The appointment marks an exciting moment of growth as electric car-sharing expands globally. “The electric car-share market continues to rise and offer incredible benefits to drivers as well as to the EV community, requiring focused attention that Aric will be able to deliver and advance Blink Mobility’s presence in this space,” said Brendan Jones, President and CEO of Blink Charging. “Aric has the experience and know-how to lead Blink Mobility as the industry continues to expand in popularity around the world.” Mr. Ohana will join Blink’s executive team in this effort as well as overseeing Blink Mobility’s day-to-day strategic operations, managing a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to advancing EV car-sharing throughout the U.S. Mr. Ohana joins Blink Mobility following the recent acquisition of Envoy, where he led Envoy’s innovative mobility technology operations during the previous six years while acting as Chief Executive Officer and Board member. Prior to Envoy, Mr. Ohana was a successful entrepreneur and leader with 12 years of experience in the real estate industry. “As the EV car-sharing services market expands, Blink Mobility, together with the merger of Envoy, is well positioned to be the market leader and drive electric car-sharing. I am honored to be selected to lead the Company into the next phase of its evolution,” said Mr. Ohana. “There are great synergies between the team of Blink Mobility’s other subsidiary, BlueLA Carsharing, LLC (“BlueLA”), and the Envoy team, combined. Blink Mobility will continue our national growth to bring EVs to communities nationwide, helping to spearhead EV adoption, creating a cleaner and more sustainable environment.” Blink Mobility, active since 2020, and its subsidiaries, BlueLA and Envoy, provide EV car-sharing solutions to meet the needs of drivers. BlueLA, powered by Blink Mobility, is focused on providing public access to affordable and clean transportation alternatives through electric vehicles and integrated charging solutions. Recently acquired Envoy provides on-demand electric vehicles as an amenity to apartments, hotels, and workplaces. Envoy equips real estate owners and operators with a new and innovative way to enhance the lifestyle of their tenants, members, and guests by providing a “Mobility as an Amenity™ service,” a platform that offers technology to reserve and access vehicles, driver insurance, maintenance, electric vehicle chargers, electric fleet, fleet maintenance, full-service mobile app, customer support and robust analytics. Earlier this year, Blink Mobility announced it was awarded $7.5 million in Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) auction proceeds, to bring electric car-sharing to New Jersey communities that lack access to reliable transportation. This was part of an overall $70 million in Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) auction proceed awards aimed to help reduce the upfront costs of electric trucks, buses, and equipment in underserved neighborhoods. In addition, BlueLA, powered by Blink Mobility, recently launched a new App, developed by Envoy under Mr. Ohana’s direction, to provide ease of use for drivers in the car-sharing service. Blink Charging announced earlier this year that its Board of Directors authorized its management to plan for the spin-off of Blink Mobility. The intention is to distribute a majority of its shares of Blink Mobility as a pro rata dividend to its existing shareholders at a future date. The terms and timing for this transaction have not been determined, and there is no guarantee that it will occur.


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