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Blink Charging Announces Collaboration with Costa Rican Businesses to Develop Network of Public Charging Stations Throughout the Country

Posted 02/02/2023

Blink chargers are helping to meet the needs of the growing EV demands in Costa Rica as EV sales have doubled throughout Latin America. SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica, February 2, 2023 – Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK), a leading owner, operator, and provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and services, recently announced its collaboration with three local companies in Costa Rica – GBT (a company by Grupo CAPRIS), RQL and SBS – to extend its footprint and promote electromobility in the region. The strategic collaboration will help strengthen the EV charging infrastructure across Costa Rica enabling more drivers and businesses to embrace electromobility. “Our local commercial collaborators have a nationwide presence, and they will bring the workforce, experience and infrastructure to serve corporate, retail and commercial clients having Blink’s support as the hardware manufacturer and software developer,” said Juan C. Barahona, U.S. & Global Director of Operations for Blink Charging. The agreement involves the installation of a public network of Blink charging stations across the country, as well as the retail selling of Blink’s home charging unit, the HQ 150 and HQ 200. The first 14 EV charging points will include Blink’s IQ 200 dual and single port chargers in strategic locations, which will be available for all EV drivers. RQL's General Coordinator, Arturo Quesada Leiton, commented that thanks to their alliance with Blink, the company will have the opportunity to provide good service to electric vehicle users. "We will be able to offer them accompanying electric supplies, design and installation of charging stations,” said Quesada Leiton. Fabian Vargas, Commercial Director of SBS stated, "Blink is a true ally with whom we can offer uniquely diverse solutions, technical service and a range of first-class chargers." In this regard, Mauricio Rojas, General Manager of GBT, said, "We are confident that by combining our commitment and robustness with Blink's technology, we have the most complete solution for electric vehicles’ charging stations." The inauguration of the Blink charging stations occurred on February 2, 2023, at Bocadito del Cielo restaurant. The ceremony was held to celebrate the deployment of the charging stations and the further adoption of electric vehicles in the country. It was attended by dignitaries, Blink customers and representatives. The Mayors of Cervantes, Jimenez and Alvarado, Gustavo Castillo Castillo, Lizeth Fernandez Quiróz, and Felipe Martinez Brenes, respectively, as well as other dignitaries, were onsite to support Blink Charging's expansion into Costa Rica and the build-out of EV infrastructure in the country. During the ceremony, Blink Charging’s representatives and their partners, presented the locations where the first EV charging ports were installed:

  • Bocadito del Cielo restaurant, Cartago

  • RQL Ingeniería, San José

  • El Jardín restaurant chain - at its locations in San Ramón, Sarchí, Liberia and Orotina, covering the provinces of Alajuela and Guanacaste

The owner of Bocadito del Cielo restaurant, José Mena, pointed out that it is very important for them to meet the needs of their customers. "That's why we opted to place Blink Charging electric vehicle chargers in our restaurant and event hall," Mena commented. Gustavo Cruz, owner of El Jardín Restaurants, mentioned that this alliance will help them provide the best service to their customers, innovate and contribute to the environment, and said, “We are taking one additional step to decrease our carbon footprint.” Scheduled for installation is the impressive IQ 200 while the all-new HQ 200 home charger will be made available for retail sales. The IQ 200 is a Level 2 charger with J1772 connector and 80-amp output capacity or 19.2 kW. Meanwhile, the HQ 200’s sleek design, competitive price, and output of up to 50 amps is ideal for an easier, faster, and better home charging experience. Each charger can connect to Wi-Fi and communicates with the Blink Charging Mobile App as well as providing visibility on the Blink Map to over 440,000 active EV drivers registered on the Blink Network across 27 countries. Both chargers are focused on providing efficiency and intelligent scalability, with growth in mind with supporting technologies such as Plug & Charge (ISO 15118) functionality, enabling an electric vehicle to automatically identify and authorize itself to a compatible charging station on behalf of the driver, to draw energy for recharging its battery. The only action required by the driver is to plug the charging cable into the EV and/or charging station. As a leader in EV charging in the region, Blink will continue to deploy various additional projects in the coming months, reinforcing their commitment to a greener, better future and helping Costa Rica achieve their xNDC 2020’s climate goal of achieving and maintaining 100% renewable electricity generation by 2030. “Costa Rica has been successfully increasing its efforts to address climate change, and we are proud to help them move towards this goal,” concluded Barahona.


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