60kW-360kW DC Fast Charging Stations

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The Blink 60kW – 360kW DC Fast Charger is an all-in-one charging station designed for speed and serviceability. It provides from 140 to 500 amps of power depending on the model. The all-inclusive charger significantly reduces installation and maintenance costs by uniting the dispensers with the power cabinets. It features a 10-inch LCD touchscreen display to provide drivers with an intuitive charging process – showing instructions and real-time feedback while charging. Available in either single or dual cable configurations, they are configured with either CCS1 or CHAdeMO connector options. When paired with the Blink Network over a Wi-fi, ethernet or 4G connection; this DC Fast Charger stands out featuring high-performance, compatibility, and serviceability.

DCFC Front Tellus Gen2 60 120 160 180kW grounded - 60kW-360kW DC Fast Charging Stations